Being Shipwrecked and Adventuring in the Grotto

Well, I was able to finish putting Erdrique (Level 1 Rogue) through the heroic true reincarnation process earlier this week and I continued his questing career as a freshly trained rogue!!  Shortly later I found myself being woken up on some random shore, surviving a ship wreck that was caused by a fierce white dragon, and talking to a curious halfing named Jeets.  The first experience a player encounters when playing DDO or when you go through a heroic true reincarnation is the Shipwrecked Shore and the short quest that follows, The Grotto.  These introductory quests lay the foundation for what players can expect in terms of the way a dungeon feels in DDO, how traps works, how to look for secret doors, and how to swim and climb ladders.

As you make your way through the conversations with Jeets and Talbron when you are on the Shipwrecked Shore, you also learn the importance of breaking barrels and crates as you learn that they can contain random treasure and money.

 photo Starting out new as a rogue_zpsymuteelj.jpg
Erdrique waking up on the shore after a shipwreck.

The quest the Grotto is a simple quest and shortly after you enter the quest you are granted a special buff that keeps you from being killed by the cleric Cellimas.  None of this is too surprising as this is the introductory quest to the game, we don’t want to scare people away :).  The quest itself is relatively short where the only enemies you deal with are the sahuagin.  One thing that is interesting about this quest is that you basically have to run the quest without any armor as you still haven’t gathered any gear quite yet, only the hand me down weapons that Jeets has offered you when you were still on the shore.  You do encounter a few sahaugin casters, but mostly the enemies you fight are melee or ranged oriented.  You are helped by Cellimas, Jeets, and Talbron as you make your way through the dungeon that leads you to Korthos Village.

 photo Erd making his way through the Grotto_zpstvumt52s.jpg
Erdrique exploring the cave better known as The Grotto.

Starting over on Korthos Island always brings a slight smile to face as I remember taking a number of characters through this particular zone.  In any case The Grotto is a fun little quest where players can experiment with some attacks, spells, or other abilities (at least low level ones) and allows players to get adjusted to the mechanics of the game.  Erd has completed this level 1 quest and is now ready to explore the dangers of Korthos Village and to rid the island of its evil influences.  Time to go sneaking around Korthos Village!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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