Duplicity in Guild Buffs?

Earlier this week, I was taking Sludgge (Level 21 Rogue/Shadowdancer) out to do some questing, but first I went to our guild airship to refresh his guild buffs.  As I was collecting the buffs and rotating the various hold rooms I noticed something:

 photo Duplicity in Guild Buffs_zpsnokieggj.jpg
Sludgge gathering some guild buffs and having some double buffs?

It appeared that some of buffs appeared on this buff bar twice.  Instead of the fresh buff timer overriding the older time, I actually had two timers for the same buff.  In this case it was for the Black Abbot’s Shadow and also the Chronoscope buff.  Looking at the Black Abbot’s Shadow buff, you see that the expiring timer has 36 minutes on it and the fresh buff has almost 4 hours.  Kind of weird, not sure I have seen that before but found it interesting.

Has anyone else seen this before?  I guess its better to have double the buff then not at all :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


3 thoughts on “Duplicity in Guild Buffs?

  1. It doesn’t double up, the timer just glitches. I can’t say if the effect for Chronoscope doesn’t stack – I don’t believe it does – but can confirm Black Abbott’s Shadow does not.


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