Taking on Korthos, Quest Runs March 20th to March 22nd

Well, as you can imagine, the primary focus for me this past weekend was to experiment with Erdrique (Level 2 Rogue).  However before I did any questing with Erdrique, I logged on with Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) who was scheduled to take a tour through Tangleroot Gorge.  I took Berann through the jungle prior to work to collect some more slayers.  I didn’t log back into the game until Friday night, when I logged in with Erdrique.  I grouped up with Hellbanisher, who had also just recently went through a heroic true reincarnation (that morning/afternoon in fact), and we knocked all of the quests on Korthos Island except for Heyton’s Rest.  We completed The Storehouse Secret, The Cannith Crystal, The Collaborator, Redemption, Stopping the Sahaugin, Necromancer’s Doom, Sacrifices, and Misery’s Peak as well as collecting slayers, rares, and explorers out in Korthos Island.  During these runs, the only quest that gave us any real issues was the Cannith Crystal when one of the cultists got behind us and destroyed the crystal but we did manage to blow throw it on the second attempt.  By the time we finished all of those we were both ready to hit level 2.  We called it a night not to long after those runs.

Berann hunting in Tangleroot Gorge photo Berann hunting in Tangleroot Gorge_zpss5muvpoe.jpg
Berann hunting around Tangleroot Gorge.

Erd and Hell exploring the Storehouse photo Erd and Hell exploring the Storehouse_zpsvuo1yvte.jpg
Erdrique and Hellbanisher lurking in the warehouse.

Erd hoping to protect the Crystal photo Erd hoping to protect the Crystal_zpshim655f6.jpg
Erdrique and Hell working to protect the Cannith Crystal.

Time for the loot!! photo Time for the loot_zpsxk3wiguo.jpg
Erdrique and Hellbanisher taking time to get some loot!!

Hunting out in the wilds of Korthos photo Hunting out in the wilds of Korthos_zpsaenp7omp.jpg
Erdrique and Hellbanisher exploring Korthos Island.

Looking for Lars again photo Looking for Lars_zpswoqp3bfl.jpg
Erdrique looking for Lars in Redemption.

Erd and Hell working to take on Sahaugin and their allies in the Complex photo Erd and Hell working to take on Sahaugin and their allies in Stopping the Sahaugin_zpsoanjn83e.jpg
Erdrique and Hellbanisher making their way through the Underground Complex.

Exploring the Decrepit Catacombs photo Exploring the Decrepit Catacombs_zps4qnurhya.jpg
Looking for the lost House Jorasco Noble in the Necromancer’s Lair.

I actually wasn’t scheduled/planing on playing on Saturday because it was the third Saturday of the month which I use as a weekend date night with my wife.  However, my wife wasn’t feeling good and went to bed early that night.  This allowed me to log in with Erdrique and to continue working on collecting slayer counts in Korthos Island.  By the time the night was done, Erdrique had completed the entire slayer area.  He is now ready to put forth all attention to the Stormreach Harbor!!

Erd slaying some cultists in Korthos photo Slaying some cultists in Korthos_zpscufxvwnv.jpg
Erdrique wracking up slayers in Korthos Island.

On Sunday, I logged on with Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger).  Crawlller is patiently working his way through the Catacombs story arc on normal.  I had to start the story arc on normal because Crawlller is one of my characters on my Premium account and doesn’t have the luxury or opening quests on elite.  So I picked up where I left off and headed into the Library to complete The Old Archives and then I head off to complete The Crypt of Gerard Dryden.  I didn’t have any issues with the quests but during the game play I was also drafting up and sending out our guild’s newsletter so that was the only play time I was able to record.

 photo Death and Carnage in the Library_zpstrret7lc.jpg
Crawlller inspects the Old Archives.

 photo Fighting undead and spiders in the Crypt of Gerard Dryden_zpszyex4ltn.jpg
Crawlller explores the crypt of Gerard Dryden.

Not a bad weekend per se.  I’m having fun so far with Erdrique as I’m learning quite a lot about quartstaves and their use in melee combat.  This week I plan on making some ripples in the Harbor and in the Catacombs with Erdrique so we’ll see how it goes.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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