So That Was Why He Was So Hard to Find…

I find the Searing Heights Wilderness area to be quite an interesting zone.  The mix of drow, the Blood Tide pirates, and wolves creates an interesting dynamic out there.  Hamllin (Level 15 Fighter) just recently finished that area and I have at least one other character, Lorrikk (Level 12 Monk), also exploring the area.  The one thing that Hamllin and Lorrikk had in common with their respective quests in Searing Heights was that they had difficulty in finding the named fire elemental, Smolder, to complete the rare encounter list.

Smolder is always located in a fire cave with the entrance to the cave being located in the Sulatar drow village.  Well at least I would call that portion of the zone as a portion of the village.  In any case, if isn’t there then you have to hope he is there the next time you come into the adventure zone.  Well the other day, I took Hamllin back out there in hopes of coming across the elusive fire elemental.  Luck was on my side this particular instance, as Smolder was there and I didn’t waste time cashing in.

 photo Finally finding Smolder_zpsc6bb27hv.jpg
Hamllin taking advantage of finally coming across Smolder.

As soon as Smolder was defeated, I received a notification that came across my screen.  Evidently by killing Smolder I had actually accrued a new monster manual deed for fire elementals, The deed for “Fire Elemental Hunter” which registers the number of unique fire elementals that you have defeated.  So then it dawned on me that must have been the “real” reason why finding Smolder was so difficult.  He was last fire elemental I needed to advance in that monster manual deed :).  Now it all makes perfect sense.  I wonder if Lorrikk has the same situation…hm…

 photo Well that is why is was so hard to find_zpsckyfarmq.jpg
Hamllin notices that he received a special award when he took down Smolder.

LOL, that really isn’t the reason why Smolder was such a pain for me to find.  It was purely just dumb luck and that gracious random generator.  I just found it funny that once I did get lucky enough to have him spawn that I also was awarded with a monster manual deed.  Can’t really complain about that :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in Searing Heights!!


3 thoughts on “So That Was Why He Was So Hard to Find…

  1. Honestly, I think Smolder just has a ridiculously low spawn rate. Out of twenty character slots, nineteen have gotten fed up and moved on because of how infrequently he shows up. Anti-social little bugger.


    • LOL, I hear ya. The most frustrating rare encounter for me is in the Restless Isles. Locating that named wildman is only possible with the golden figurine and if he isn’t there….oh well…


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