The Joys of Improved Precise Shot

One of the reasons why I really like to play my ranger Kolll (Level 22 Shiradi Champion) is for the simple joy of using Improved Precise Shot.  A ranger picks up Improved Precise Shot as a free feat at level 11.  Improved Precise Shot is a special ranged combat stance.  It allows your ranged attacks to pass through enemies and hit more enemies that may be behind them.  This particular ability can be extremely powerful when used in combination with special other feats like Multishot or with special weapon and enhancement effects.

With Kolll being an Arcane Archer, he is able to use the tier 4 ability of paralyzing arrows with great effect with Improved Precise Shot.  He is typically able to apply quite a bit of crowd control during his questing with the combination of these abilities, at least on Epic Normal quests and decently in Epic Hard Quests.  The most interesting aspect of this game play is trying to get all of the enemies lined up to take full advantage of this ability.

 photo Have to love improve precise shot_zpszply30su.jpg
Kolll taking advantage of Improved Precise shot in the Tharashk Arena on hard.

Another aspect of Improved Precise Shot is that it can also deal a large amount of damage overall.  The more enemies you have lined in your cross hairs, the more damage your arrows will lay down.  Couple those attacks with other special arrow imbues, weapon abilities, and epic destiny effects, makes Improved Precise Shot a very potent ability indeed.

If you aren’t ranger, you will need to have a Dexterity score of 19, Point Blank Shot, Precise shot and a base attack bonus +11 to be able to pick up Improved Precise Shot.  If you are thinking about a ranged build of any kind, Improved Precise Shot is definitely something you should consider.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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