Sometimes I Just Wish I Had Some More Time

One of the things I have been finding lately is that I just simply don’t have enough time during my hectic week to get all of things done that I would like when it comes to DDO.  And I’m not simply talking about playing DDO.  I like to try to stay involved in the community as much as I can.  For awhile I was able to keep up pretty well.  I was able to regularly check on the DDO forums, read and stay on top of the many posts from DDO’s great list of bloggers, routinely listen and play the various DDO Podcasts, stay up on the latest Facebook posts, and to watch a number of the Twitch Streams and YouTube channels.  Besides all of those things, I was also able to routinely update the Crypt Crawlers Guild Portal Website which involves a number of things from adding posts to our guild forum , listing items of interest in our news widget, adding daily shouts, maintaining a guild bank, keeping up with our roster, updating our events calendar, and adding screenshots to our album.  Speaking of screenshots, I also maintain a Photobucket website for the guild to submit their own screenshots as well as a YouTube channel.  As a round up to all of these activities, I also generate a weekly newsletter for the guild that I send out to our members through email as well as posting in our guild forums and sending it the guild mail.  I then also work on other personnel things like my own character’s journals and my own quest tracking logs.  And then of course I try to keep up with my blog.  I used to work on these things a little bit each day, for the most part.

However, at the end of January some things happened at work that really curtailed my ability to remain as active in these other activities as a I would like to be and I mentioned my troubles in another blog here.  It has been a struggle for me to keep up with the majority of those extra gaming and community activities, and that really has disappointed me.  For instance, this particularly post I wanted to publish on Thursday…well it is now Easter Sunday if that tells you how far behind I am.  I have been working more and more on trying to establish a schedule that is more conducive to the current time constraints that I currently have.  Although I have made some progress, I haven’t been able to keep up with things consistently.  I have decided to try alternating my extra community activities, guild activities, and personal projects instead of working on all of them every day.  I still plan on trying to blog every day, most likely during my lunch hour, but even then I have fallen behind like what happened this week when I had to work through lunch a few times and was forced to catch up on other things (aka, paying bills…ugh..).

 photo Scorchtusk trying to intimidate Kanndar_zps3kk2ibdz.jpg
Although my extra gaming activity schedule has changed quite a bit over the past few months, my actual in game time has remained constant…thankfully :).  Here, Kanndar takes on the challenge of battling Scorchtusk.

In any case, I’m just pretty stubborn.  I really like doing these extra things for DDO.  For me, it gives more life to the game.  It exposes me to other thoughts and ideas and in many cases these thoughts spark new ideas of my own.  I also really like to explore the depth of my characters my developing their journals and videos.  As for the guild, I just like to invest time in the guild resources.  I want our Guild Portal Website to be a great resource for our guild, but to do that it takes time.  I am bound and determined to make my schedule work but it will take some more experimentation and some more adjustments.  To bad there just wasn’t more time in the day :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


3 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Wish I Had Some More Time

    • Ugh..I’m not a morning person at all. I’m still working on ways to get things in, basically trying to split up the many activities throughout the week a little more than I used too. Still a work in progress.


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