So Who Would Work for a Troglodyte?

I just took Erdrique (Level 5 Rogue) through the quest The Depths of Despair.  The interesting thing about all of the Depths quests in House Deneith is that they seem to have quite a diversity of monsters strewn throughout.  The Depths of Despair is no exception to this.  The quest has undead (skeletons, ghasts, wights, and zombies), spiders (black widows and glass spiders), slimes (oozes and violet slimes), hell hounds, earth elementals, a minotaur, rust monsters, and troglodytes.  Now the objective of the quest is to take the troglodyte leader, Ssylsk.

As I was making my way through the quest I began to wonder how this assortment of monsters work together.  I mean, who in the world would purposefully work for a troglodyte?  I mean they are extremely temper mental, highly vicious, and just have that awful stench to them.  I could see if you were another troglodyte you would follow a troglodyte leader but what about these other monsters.  Well, thinking about the undead creatures first, my assumption is that Ssylsk has some powefurl shamans and other spell casters who dapple in the necromantic arts.  These undead are probably other adventurers who weren’t quite as skilled as our characters and who now server at the whim of Ssylsk and his casters.

 photo Erd exploring the Depths of Despair_zps12tvfkfg.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Depths of Despair.

Well, that takes care of the undead but what about the spiders and the rust monsters.  I’m guessing the spiders and  rust monsters are pets and where probably captured when they were much smaller and younger and now serve Ssylsk.  As for the outsiders, the earth elementals and the hell hounds, I’m guessing one of his casters is a low level summoner who can bring forth these creatures to Eberron.  That then just leaves the slimes.  I’m guessing that the slimes and troglodytes have some type of special bond.  It seems to me that they have the ability to coexist in the same dungeons and sewers and to work with each other to satisfy their needs.  The Pit is another classic example of this.

There is one other monster that I didn’t mention yet.  That would be the minotaur.  Since he is locked up, my best guess is that he is a prisoner of some sort.  I wonder if Ssylsk plans on ransoming him off?  Oh well, guess we’ll never know .

What are your thoughts on this?  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Depths quests!!!


8 thoughts on “So Who Would Work for a Troglodyte?

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  2. Remember there was also a human necromancer. My guess is he has anosmia (little or no sense of smell which would help if dealing with zombies and other rotting corpses) and is also a masochist. He obviously has a poor self image as even the most bumpkin of mages can get a job as a hedge wizard. That has more pay and respect from the other spells they can cast and utilize for the community. Even as a necromancer if you choose to wok for someone else there is almost always a relatively high paying government job in the local polices homicide or criminal investigation department. No, I can only imagine he has a severe self image problem possibly combined with an inferiority complex to make him think his only job opening he would be hired for is one no other necromancer would even consider. That is why I see him working for a troglodyte.


    • Excellent thought!! I wouldn’t be surprised by this notion at all. Could be that the necromancer has put some type of spell on himself to ignore troglodyte stench as well instead of having no sense of smell.


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