Making My Way Through VON 2 on Epic Hard

Although the primary focus of my questing in DDO is based on heroic levels, I do have a few epic level characters and I’m slowly getting a handle on running quests on a higher difficulty than epic normal.  In my recent adventures, I took Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) into The Prisoner on epic hard.  I have to admit, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with him in there.  When I ran the Tharashk Arena on epic hard, I had a pretty tough time with the end fight.  However, I eventually got past it.  In the Prisoner, you don’t have to worry about that type of mass swarming free-for-all fight but instead you have to deal with some other potent creatures including the beholders, red named minotaur casters, annoying tharahk hounds, and extra names at the end with Orphne’s shadow.

I was wondering what type of issues I would encounter with Garrrin as I made my way through Orphne’s warped dream.  I was actually pleasantly surprised with his performance.  With his randomly generated electric storm epic great axe that I added festival icy burst too, he was doing quite a bit of decent damage (at least I thought he was).  He did have some help from an onyx panther hireling, a level 17 owl bear hireling, and a level 22 Favored Soul (Luna).  The only issue that I encountered with the hirelings was that the owlbear got toasted twice by the traps in the maze (that’s what happens when the hireling stands on top of spike traps).  Speaking of the traps, I didn’t have too many issues with those as I was able to pretty much dodge them fairly well.  I usually get turned around in the maze as well but this time I had little issues making my way through the maze and activating the three runes to open up the access to Ingstoldt.

 photo Garrrin taking on VON 2_zpsso6mzp1z.jpg
Garrrin battling the tharahk hounds in The Prisoner on Epic Hard.

The fight with Ingstoldt was actually pretty painless as well.  I as expecting to be torched but I had a good mount of fire protection so dealing with that powerful fire giant wasn’t much of an issue.  In fact, I think I had a harder time dealing with his mephit pests.  Especially those air mephits that tend to cast obscurring mist (or whatever it is, how annoying…).

The end fight was interesting.  I hadn’t done this quest on epic hard before so I didn’t know that Orphne’s little shadow friends also attacked during this fight.  Instead of dealing with them, I focused on Orphne’s shadow instead.  I figured that if I took out her, the other shadows would disappear and that is exactly what happened.

In the end, I had absolutely no issues taking Garrrin through VON 2 on epic hard.  I also believe the recent enhancement pass to barbarians helped him out quite a bit.  Garrrin is Frenzied Berserker and his self healing abilities during raging where quite nice.  He definitely still needs to have some better gear, but I was definitely happy with the run.

So, I’m slowly figuring out the ways to deal with some quests on epic hard across my variety of characters.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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