A Rare Encounter with Rare Encounters

I find the Wildnerness/Explorer areas of DDO to be fun and quite interesting.  Some are much more interesting than others, but overall I try to maximize out all of the experience from these areas including reaching the maximum number of slayers, finding all explorers, and taking out all of the rare encounters.  For Erdrique, during his heroic true reincarnation adventures, I typically get up to or through the Ruins of Gianthold before I heroic true reincarnate so I haven’t had a chance to maximize all the areas out yet.  Over the past week, I had two very interesting things happen to me in two different explorer zones.

Now, one of the aspects of the Wilderness/Explorer zones has to do with spawn rates of the various rare encounters found in those areas.  Last weekend, I was running the Tangleroot Gorge with Hellbanisher and it was my first time in that area.  Our primary goal was to knock out the fist two quests in the Assault on Splinterskull chain but since it was my first time in the area I had to make the run through the Wilderness zone to find Ungurz so we decided to make it a slayer run as well.  So, I picked up all of the explorer points but realized something unusual.  The Tangleroot Gorge Wilderness area contains nine different rare encounters.  During this particular instance, not a single one of these spawned for us.  Not one!!  I figured this to be extremely strange.  No worg.  No spider.  No giant.  No scorpion.  No, no, no…lol.  Now I have been through that area where I picked up only one rare encounter plenty of times but not to have any was the first.

Now, let’s talk about the opposite effect.  I was working my way through the Waterworks Explorer zone this past weekend and I came across the opposite situation.  Now besides Korthos Island, I don’t think I have ever come across a zone where I encountered all the possible rare encounters (or didn’t encounter any of the rares for that matter).  The Waterworks Explorer area has six rare encounters, with three of them having two different possible locations (the two kobold shamans and the spider Ecru).  Now,there have been plenty of times where I went through this area and found five out six of the rare encounters but never was I able to wrack up all six in a single run until now.

 photo Erd coming across Ecru at the last location_zps788cdk7a.jpg
Erdrique coming across Ecru in his second hiding spot in Waterworks marking his luck in finding all of the rare encounters in a single run.

 photo Erd hits all of the rares in a single run_zps3c22lmam.jpg
Looking at the experience log with all six slayers in a single run.

I was quite surprised to see that I was able to hit up all of the rare encounters in a single run, even if it was only for the Waterworks area.  That hasn’t happened before for me and it was interesting that the last rare encounter was in the last possible location to mark the occasion.  I wonder if I will come across either of these situations once again.  We shall see :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


3 thoughts on “A Rare Encounter with Rare Encounters

  1. Yeah I was wondering the same thing. It was interesting to get skunked in Tangleroot and then get everything in Waterworks. Would be really nice to have everything spawn in some of the higher level ones.


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