Well That Only Took Me Nine Years

I have been playing the great game of DDO since April 2006, just a few months after its release.  Over those years, I have run quite a variety of quests across all of my various characters and have accomplished a number of things.  However, one thing I never have been able to do is to hit the platinum level cap on any character.  Even after doing a number of loot runs during the early days of DDO and then when the auction house was first established, I was still never able to maximize the plat returns.

 photo Erd hits the platinum level cap_zpstto1euvk.jpg
Erdrique hits the level cap this week and starts to transfer money to shared platinum bank.

During the earlier years of the game, players used to roll up special characters called “Haggle Bots”, which were typically bards, to help maximize their in currency returns when they sold things to vendors.  Of course, at the time, we didn’t have the auction house.  The main source of income was selling your random generated loot to the various vendors spread throughout the game (House D weapon vendors, House K armor vendors, etc..).  The other way people used to make plat was buy selling things to other characters either through the forums or some other chat channels, which still goes on today.  Well, I never did make a “Haggle Bot” so I was kind of behind the game in the aspect.

Currently the platinum cap stands at 4,294,967 platinum pieces, which according to the DDOWiki is the limit for an unsigned integer in copper pieces.  LOL, that is a lot of platinum pieces.  Now I need to be really careful because any platinum/gold I get after this point, either from looting or selling items, will no longer accrue.  So my plan is to pug the money into my platinum bank (in about 10 k plat intervals) and withdraw it on my other characters.  Since I have a plethora of characters, this should allow Erd to keep collecting some money.  This will especially be nice when I roll up some new characters.

So, after only nearly a decade one can reach the plat cap :P.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


3 thoughts on “Well That Only Took Me Nine Years

  1. Yeah I bet, Erd will be making those his stomping grounds..eventually. I do have some other characters in the epic level ranges, I just don’t play them nearly as much as Erd.


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