Stopping Some Corruption-The Sharn Syndicate

Over the weekend, I took Erdrique (Level 6 Rogue) through the quest chain, The Sharn Syndicate.  The Sharn Syndicate is a low level quest chain, level 4 on normal, with all of its quests located in the Marketplace.  The quest giver for this particular story arc is Yorrick Amantu, one of the famous Coin Lords in Stormreach.  This particular quest chain contains six different quests: Stand Your Ground, Dirty Laundry, Stormreaver Fresco, Bookbinder Rescue, Repossession, and Come Out and Slay.  The back drop for the story is that a powerful crime syndicate is trying to establish its foot hold in Stormreach.  As a result, the syndicate as quickly spread through the Marketplace causing corruption, chaos, extortion, robbery, and kidnapping.  Yorrick recruits our adventurers to stop this threat to Stormreach once and for all.

One thing about the Sharn Syndicate is that the quests are rather short and quite varied.  The beginning of the chain starts with the quest Stand Your Ground where you help Maxwell Statler (the quest giver) and his brother defend their bar from the Sharn Syndicate as they try to extort “protection” money from the brothers, who have taken a stand against being bullied.  The basic mechanic of this quest is to keep the Maxwell alive (you get bonus experience if you keep his brother alive as well) through a few waves of attacking Sharn Syndicate enemies who invade from the rough and from the front door.

 photo Erd helping in Stand your ground_zps0ekg7sye.jpg
Erd guarding the Statler brothers.

The second quest deals with a few Sharn Syndicate thugs who are using a business as a front to launder money.  Guard Kayd, the quest giver, has found out about this operation and we are tasked with taken care of this.  The main objective of the quest is to simply slay the launderers.

 photo Erd dealing with the launders_zpsygfds1qp.jpg
Erd looking to deal with the money launderers.

The third quest is another short and unique quest.  You are basically asked to act as a guard for a mysterious  warforged named Zircon.  You are guarding Zircon as he makes a withdraw from the bank in the Market.  However, the quest quickly changes as it becomes clear that Zircon doesn’t need to be guarded at all and instead frames you for stealing the item out of the bank, the item being the Stormreaver Fresco.  The main goal of this quest is to make it out of the bank once Zircon double crosses you and you get optional experience if you don’t kill any guards.

The fourth quest is a rescue mission.  The Sharn Syndicate of taken hostage the Binder family and you need to enter the home free the hostages and take care of the evil syndicate thugs.  None of the families can die and they must be escorted to an exit point (there is one upstairs and one downstairs).  This quest can get quite annoying because although the house isn’t extremely large, it is heavily trapped and the Binder family members tend to fight to the death…literally.

The fifth quest is all about revenge.  Zircon is back and is looking to unload the Fresco.  However, the original owner of the Fresco wants it back, a dragon named Kear (who is in elf form).  Not to mention, we want to pay Zircon another visit to show him how much we appreciate his efforts in trying to frame us.  The quest has two simple goals: destroy Zircon and retrieve the Fresco.  The quest is interesting in that it contains a room of unique and rare art that is all trapped except for one piece that allows access to Zircon’s final room.  Pick the wrong piece…and boom!!

The last quest is one the puts the syndicate down for good.  Come Out and Slay is about infiltrating the Sharn Syndicate and then taking out its leader here in Stormreach and then making it out alive.  An interesting side plot to this quest is that the Sharn Syndicate is doing its best to unite the various gang factions together (Clan Tunnelworm Kobolds, Hazadill’s Bugbears, the Quickfoot, etc).  The fighting in this twisty by short quest can get hairy at times, especially near the end where a large number of enemies seem to come out of nowhere from the roof.

 photo Erd dealing with Talon in Come Out and Slay_zpsoqhevn1f.jpg
Erd dealing with Talon in Come Out and Slay.

Overall, the six quests are fun, short and show a wide variety of game mechanics.  This particular story arc also has a number of fun and interesting named quest rewards that are pretty good for low level twink gear.  If you haven’t given the Sharn Syndicate a go, I would recommend it!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


3 thoughts on “Stopping Some Corruption-The Sharn Syndicate

  1. While I haven’t proven it conclusively yet, I have a pretty strong hypothesis that every line of your character’s dialogue in the Bookbinder Rescue is either directly taken or very heavily taken from an Arnold Schwarzenegger line.

    “Come with me if you want to live!”


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