The Ever Lasting Joy of Maintenance

I believe I have written about this before but when I searched for it on my blog I didn’t come across any of my posts that had “maintenance” in the title or key words. I probably mentioned it more in one of my questing activity posts but can’t remember for sure.  In either case, I wanted to talk about it again.  What is it that I want to talk about?  Good ol’ “character maintenance.”  So what exactly is character maintenance?  I think most of this will depend on the player as I’m sure my definition of character maintenance is different from other player’s definition of character maintenance.  To me, character maintenance describes a number of different things.  I use the term character maintenance when I spend time posting auctions, retrieving and sending out mail, taking care of returned auctions, dismantling random loot into essences in the crafting hall, selling named loot that I can’t dismantle or post on the auction to vendors, selling named loot that I posted on the auction house that expired, restocking my character’s supply of potions, wands, scrolls, ingredients, ammunition, and/or spell components, upgrading my characters equipment via crafting or through purchases from the auction house, and dealing with my reincarnation cache.  For me, the vast majority of the time being spent with character maintenance centers around the auction house, crafting, and dealing with my character’s mail.  photo Time to Craft_zpsz9nnctgo.jpg Erdrique spending some of his maintenance time upgrading his quaterstaff in the Cannith Crafting Hall. In some instances, I can easily spend a couple of hours catching up on these tasks.  To minimize this, I try to stay on top of all of my expired auctions, mail messages, and other similar things however I do fall behind and sometimes it builds up for the weekend like what happened this past Friday when I spent a large amount of time fiddling with returned auctions, breaking of loot down, and upgrading of crafted gear when I hit level 6.  I just wish there was an easier way to handle many of these annoying, yet necessary tasks.  Some of these things are fun to do, for instance upgrading your crafting gear is fun and exciting, especially when you rush out of the crafting hall to see how well they work.  However, other tasks are extremely dull such as sitting at the altar in one of the crafting halls and slowly breaking down a backpack full of random loot.  Now, I could make this easier on my self and just not post nearly as many auctions and not break everything down but then I don’t feel like I’m taking advantage of what the game world has offered for me to use to make money and to craft items, which I don’t like. So, I will just continue to maintain the “grind” of maintenance and to make sure I do my best to keep all of my characters as up to date on these tasks as I can so that they don’t build up.  Like I said, the joy of character maintenance.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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