A Chef…for a Warforged?

Earlier in the week, I wrote up an article about the quest chain the Sharn Syndicate.  As I run through this particular chain I always wonder about a specific encounter in the quest Repossession.  The quest Repossession involves you storming Zircon’s mansion and taking back the Stormreaver Fresco that he stole from the bank in the Marketplace.  Now if you don’t recall any of this,  then you might remember Zircon as the warforged who tricked and framed you in the bank after he stole an item out of one of the deposit boxes.

Well, in any case, in Repossession as you storm Zircon mansion you come across the kitchen.  One thing that I find interesting here is that the kitchen is occupied with some dogs and a cook.  The cook is named Milbury.  Ok nothing too strange about that but remember that Zircon is a warforged.  What purposed does his cook serve?

 photo What does Milbury do_zpsna3p1td0.jpg
Erdrique stumbling upon Milbury in the Zircon’s kitchen.

Now sense warforged our constructs they have absolutely no need to eat.  So why would Zircon employee a cook?  One might think it is so that he can feed his other laborers and/or guards but you would think these other staff and guards would be getting their own food prior to reporting to work for Zircon, of course unless they live in the mansion as well.  Even if this was the case why would Zircon pay for the cook.  Maybe the cook was hired by the other guards and staff of Zircon’s mansion and not by Zircon himself, which I find highly unlikely for a crime boss.  Or, maybe Zircon loves his dogs so much he hired a special cook to tend to their needs….maybe…?

A warforged needing a cook.  Interesting…Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the dangerous lands of DDO :).


9 thoughts on “A Chef…for a Warforged?

  1. Perhaps the crime syndicate uses a benefits package to lure new recruits over to the dark side? Food and lodging included, all you need to do is beat up, extort, and murder a few folks…


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