Any Hidden Messages with the Skulls in the Sanctuary?

One of the most well known quest story arcs in DDO is the Catacombs.  This particular story arc has been around since DDO was originally released.  The Catacombs is an interesting set of quests in that the majority of players either like it or just simply can’t stand it.  I, for one, happen to like the Catacombs.  I believe it contains one of those classic D&D storylines of power, corruption, and betrayal filled with undead enemies within the confines of a religious order.  Another thing I like about the Catacombs is that every time I venture into those quests I happen to notice something different with the surroundings.  For example, I wrote a blog about noticing a banner that was hung in Crypt of Gerard Dryden.

Well, recently I took my lowbie cleric, Containment (Level 6) through the first two quests of this founding chain: The Friar’s Niece and To Find a Witness.  Now if you aren’t familiar with the Catacombs, the first two quests basically have you searching the mental asylum housed within the Catacombs to look for Archbishop’s daughter, Marguerite, and for any potential witnesses that might help describe what has happened.  Well as I started the quest, I took note of the floor.

 photo Whats up with the skulls_zpsnhs8zib6.jpg
Containment working his way through the Sanctuary and noticing the skulls on the floor.

Now I’m sure I have seen those skulls before but it just didn’t register in my little mind until now.  I began to wonder if there was any significance to these skulls being inlaid throughout the floor.  My first inclination was that these skulls are simply just a marking to folks to let them know that have entered a mental institution.  However, I’m not so sure a skull conveys to anybody that you are in a mental institution. When I see a skull in something I see it as a warning of something dangerous.  Which I guess during times of the Middle Ages an insane asylum could be viewed as a dangerous place.

I’m just wondering if these skulls have some other significance or are supposed to tip us off to other issues that we might encounter in this story arc.  Could these skulls have some type of meaning to the Duality?  I’m not sure on that either.  I need to ponder this aspect some more…

Does anybody else have any thoughts?  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Catacombs!!


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