A Nice Little Prize from the Traveler

Well, today is the last day for the Festival of the Traveler which was turned on to help usher in the special set of bonuses from Air Week.  In celebration of the release for Update 25 Reign of Elemental Evil, the four following weeks are being loaded with special bonuses with each week being called a different element.  During Air Week, I have run the event about 10 or so times (and will probably get another run or two today in).  I first tried the runs with Stoorage (Level 11 Fighter) on my premium account.  On my second run I was able to reach the Ultimate Aura.  Stoorage happened to still have a Blessing of the Traveler as way so I turned in the reward with the blessing and got a very interesting award.

 photo Ruby Eye of Righteouness_zpsycvn91uj.jpg
Stoorage admiring his award for participating in the Festival of the Traveler, a Ruby Eye of Righteousness.

Stoorage was awarded a pretty cool ruby augment called the Ruby Eye of Righteousness.  I would have to say that is probably the best reward I have received out of this festival since it started years ago.  This particular augment has a 2% chance to deal 4 to 16 damage per minimum level of the weapon to all nearby enemies.  I’m guessing I’ll pass this ruby off to Erdrique at some point or another, although he is already using a Meteoric Star Ruby.  In either case, I’m sure I will be able to find somebody who can use it :).

I hope everybody guess does well in the Festival of the Traveler (I haven’t gotten anything else worthy of noting).  Happy hunting and thanks for reading!!

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