A Walk Through Archer Point Defense

The one thing your character learns as they progress through their adventuring career in Stormreach is that the city is constantly under siege by one monster force or another.  Sometimes is from kobolds (Kobold Assault), sometimes its from more potent enemies such as hobgoblins, bugbears, and ogres (Gladewatch Outpost) and sometimes if from the forces of a monster nation (Attack on Stormreach).  Another instance of this type of situation also exists with the quest Archer Point Defense.

Archer Point is the Fortress for Jasper’s Raiders.  Jasper’s Raiders are a mercenary group who are hired out by merchants to provide protection for their traveling caravans and to ward off enemy monster invaders.  The group’s leader and quest giver Jasper Cruikshank agreed to a lucrative contract with the coin lords that required him to send all of his troops to do the job.  This has left the fortress completely vulnerable and Jasper has another caravan he has committed to protecting coming in.  To make matters worse, an large contingent of hobgoblin forces have picked up on the caravan and are trailing the caravan to Archer Point Defense.  Jasper wants to hire you and your party to protect the caravan by taking out the enemies.

 photo Erd making his way through Archer Point Defense_zpseipbsmhl.jpg
Erd making short work of the hobgoblins, bugbears, worgs, and ogres in Archer Point Defense.

This particular quest can be quite challenging if you don’t know what to expect.  You have two main objectives that must be completed before your time runs out.  This is also is probably one of the first quest you will come across that is timed.  The main objectives include thinning out the enemy monster forces by killing 45 different enemies and the second is to kill the hobgoblin chief.  Taking out the first objective will be easy enough, however finding the hobgoblin chief can be tricky and this is where you will lose the majority of your time.

As you enter the quest you will have some time to get your party together and buffed before the enemy ogres and hobgoblins break down the fortress doors.  Once you take them out, you will then be able to enter the surrounding forest to hunt down the enemy forces and to find the hobgoblin chief.  Luckily the hobgoblin chief is always located in the same location.  I typically head to the south as soon as the initial fight is over and follow that path.  Along the way you battle numerous hobgoblins and bugbears, including their worg pets, and a few orges.  The shamans in this quest are particularly annoying.  Eventually the path will lead you around the fort where you will encounter an optional to kill an ogre shaman, who is guarding a chest, and then heading straight into the woods from that point you will come across the camp of the hobgoblin chief.

The hobgoblin chief will be guarded by a decide size contingent of hobgoblins, ogres, and worgs.  Once you take the hobgoblin chief out, the quest will complete (assuming of course you have also taken out the 45 other kills, which should easily occur by then).  There are two chests to loot after that fight.

Once you get a path down to the hobgoblin chief, the quest is relatively easy, even on elite.  However, with that said, it is also very easy to get overwhelmed.  The mobs in this quest tend to hang out in camps, with more enemies than just those in patrols.  To make things more interesting, the camps also tend to have shamans that need to be destroyed or taken care of first.

Overall, the quest is unique in that you don’t have to stay within the fort to protect anything.  Instead you invade the enemy forces that are surrounding the fort and create havoc.  The fact that the quest is timed can be annoying but becomes more or nuisance as you get the hang of it.

When you get a chance, check it out.  It is a Free to Play quest and can be quite challenging on a first few go rounds.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Archer Point Defense.


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