Enemy Profile- Bonechewer the Foul

Well, it has been a little while since I picked an enemy to do a profile on and I figured it would be nice to pick it back up.  With Erdrique (Level 7 Rogue) currently working through his next life I have been going back over those lower level quests and encountering some of those enemies that I have forgotten about.  One of these enemies is a nasty troll named Bonechewer the Foul.  Bonechewer the Foul is found in the quest Depths of Discord, and in this instance, I found him guarding the fist valve.  According to the DDOWiki, he can also be located guarding the second valve as well.

 photo Bonechewer the Foul_zpsy398u8cv.jpg
Bonechewer the Foul in the Depths of Discord.

When Bonechewer is guarding the first valve, he isn’t alone.  He tends to be associated with annoying slimes which makes things a little complicated because you have to deal with them as well as Bonechewer, doing everything you can do to avoid destroying your best weapon because of the damage the slimes put on your equipment.  Like most other trolls, Bonechewer is armed with a primitive but brutal club.  He can also inflict slashing damage with the claws of his other hand.  He also has a longbow when he needs to range us annoying adventurers.  Also, just like other trolls, he has a special three sweep attack that can land a large amount of damage.  The club inflicts bludgeoning damage, the claws rake you with slashing damange, and longbow inflicts piercing damage.

 photo Bonechewer in the sewer_zps4wh6xjw1.jpg
Erdrique battling Bonechewer along the sloping sewer in the Depths of Discord.

Bonechewer, on elite at least, appeared to have just under 425 hit points.  Of course this could have been skewed a little bit because he was also champion during this situation.  Like other trolls, he is vulnerable to fire and acid damage and he is also evil so holy and pure good damage is also quite potent to him.

So if you are venturing into the Depths of Discord in House Deneith be weary of this monster.  If he is present in your run he will be guarding one of the valves.  He is an optional, orange named rare encounter so he doesn’t always spawn.  He also appears to have a comrade as well, Slimepus the Foul Breathed, another vicious troll.  These particular brutes can be extremely dangerous to our low level adventurers if they aren’t prepared.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting down the trolls in DDO!!


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