The Smuggler’s Warehouse, A Staple in the Harbor

The wide variety of quests in the Stormreach Harbor makes questing in that area interesting and introduces new players to the various types of encounters and situations that they might run into later.  One of these quests, and a staple for me to run through with every character and/or heroic true reincarnation life, is The Smuggler’s Warehouse.  The Smuggler’s Warehouse is a level 2 quest on normal which makes it a level 4 quest on elite.  The quest giver is named Fitzpat the Fence.  Fitzpat is standing just outside of the entrance to the warehouse, not far way from the Wayward Lobster Tavern.  As you talk to Fitzpat, he tells you that the warehouse has been abandoned for over a year and that it used to be own by House Jorasco.  It also turns out that it used to be a smuggler’s hideout as well, where some smuggler’s would hide their goods to retrieve later.  Evidently Fitzpat has learned that the warehouse still contains some ruby-like gems that are made of glass that evidently seem to contain some type of magical property.  Of course Fitzpat doesn’t tell you how he has learned this information or what type of magical property these gems have.  But since you are looking for a job anyway, what does it really matter, right?  🙂

Fitzpat also mentions to you to expect to come across kobolds and then he used the term “vermin” later on.  On the original pass through of the conversation one would think that he was simply calling the kobolds vermin but you learn so enough that isn’t quite the case.  He also doesn’t mention anything about traps either…again not quite the case.

The warehouse itself is a dingy building composed of series of long and danky hallways and corridors.  It is filled with various crates, barrels, and sacks.  As you enter the warehouse it doesn’t take long for you to encounter the ever so familiar kobold of the Harbor but you also encounter a large scorpion.  The pathways through the warehouse are pretty straight forward.  There are a couple of traps in there which could be quite annoying if you aren’t prepared for them, one being a cold trap just in front of a locked door and another being a large blade trap leading down/up a ramp (depending on the direction you are going).  There is also a nice little fire trap to deal with.  There is also one secret door that hides a party of scorpions and a chest.

Your primary objective to completing the quest is to find the various “rubies.”  The rubies are stored in the barrels  that are dispersed throughout the quest.  You have to find 10 of them.  The one thing this quest teaches for those new to game is how important breaking barrels and crates can be.  If you miss a barrel, it could be the one barrel containing that last gem you need to complete the quest making you run back through the entire map to find it (my guildie hates this quest because of that).  I still have yet to see a ruby drop from a breakable crate, they only seem to drop from barrels.

The enemies you encounter in here are either kobolds, scorpions, or spiders.  Their is a chance to come across three different orange named kobold witch doctors, an orange named scorpion, or an orange named spiders.  Each one of these critters has a special named item that they can drop, but nothing extremely ground breaking.  The main thing to realize here, is that after you pass the first few rooms and hallways of kobolds the “vermin” Fitzpat was talking about because more apparent as you start to fight more and more scorpions and spiders.  The three little “factions” have seemed to split the warehouse amongst themselves, not really overlapping all that much.

 photo Cannock stunning the Witch Doctor Raktu_zpsvmrlljtb.jpg
Cannock dealing with one of the optional orange named kobold witch doctors, Raktu, in the Smuggler’s Warehouse.

The quest is a good beginner quest for sure but it can also be frustrating if you are zooming through it and don’t break all of the barrels to find the rubies to complete it.  This will force you to waste time by going back through the warehouse to find those barrels you skipped.  It is best to take a thorough look around you and see what is left to break before zerging off.  Like I said earlier, it is always a staple for me to run.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Smuggler’s Warehouse.


7 thoughts on “The Smuggler’s Warehouse, A Staple in the Harbor

  1. I like that quest. I didn’t realize the barrels boxes thing, I will have to check that out sometime. I usually smash everything for the 15% xp boost.


  2. I love these early Harbor quests as they also give great training for Rogues and Monks in stealth, but especially Rogues since there are a few traps to find, as well as training on dealing with spiders. Good post!


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