I See You But I Don’t

One of the things that I liked to do with as many of my builds as possible is to boost up their spot skill so that I can notice as many hidden enemies as possible.  However, one thing I have noticed is that there are cases when my characters spot an enemy but I, as the player, cannot literally see them.  As I continue to take Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) through the Red Fens I notice this quite a bit.

 photo Those pesky hiding creatures_zpsluagpf5q.jpg
Hamllin picking up the spider approaching him head on and in this instance I was able to see it as well. 

There are a number of “sneaky” enemies in the Red Fens, primarily the darkfang hunters (spiders), Fen cats (black panthers), and vine stalkers.  Like the above screenshot, my character will pick up on these stealthy enemies and in most cases I will notice them as well and can see what direction they are coming from or where they are hiding if they haven’t spotted my character yet.

 photo I know he is here somewhere_zpsezfkc8v6.jpg
This time Hamllin spotted something but I couldn’t see it.

However, in other cases, my character will pick up an enemy with their sport skill and it will pop up in my focus orb but as a player it takes me forever to either locate the enemy or I just simply don’t find it and just continue on until the monster attacks me.  That’s what happened in the second screenshot their, although I wasn’t quick enough to capture the appearance of the enemy in the focus orb (I believe it was another spider).  Sometimes this happen for a few reasons.  One, I just simply am blind and can’t see the enemy :P, two the monster/enemy has just moved out of range (so it is a patrol and was actually walking away from my character instead of towards it), or three the creature is actually being hidden by my user interface set up/hot bars.  Such as this:

 photo Another instance of I see him but I dont_zpsjmep1r1k.jpg
If you can’t see the Fen Cat, look up to the top right of the screenshot and you will see it under my mini-map.

Needless to say, I find this to be an interesting and sometimes annoying phenomenon.  It sometimes makes me wonder if I need to my eyes checked…lol.  Then again, I am getting old so maybe my sight is going :P.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the wilds of the Red Fens!!


4 thoughts on “I See You But I Don’t

  1. I find that mechanic a little inconsistent, too. I think it’s because the NPCs (be them hireling or enemy) have that Spot bonus magnification while player characters don’t. Being elven or Drow helps a bit, but my ninjas definitely pour on the Spot bonus, if nothing more than just avoiding a collision or premature detection with hidden enemies.


    • Well my main problem is that my character will pick them up and the enemy will show up in my focus orb but I will look all over my screen and still won’t see it until I run directly into it or it rushes me. Makes me wonder if I need to get my eyes checked :).


      • Hidden enemies aren’t selected by the focus orb, and sometimes can’t be selected by Target selection, so that’s the thing you’re fighting. You, however, can select them manually by clicking their image.


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