What A Good Death!!

I’m currently taking my second heroic true reincarnated character, Hamllin, through a life as a fighter.  In his first life, Hamllin was a rogue so the play style is quite a bit different.  As I’m moving him through the levels, I have been experimenting more and more with the various Fighter Kensai Enhancements.  One of the more interesting of these is a tier 5 enhancement called A Good Death.  A Good Death can be either a melee or a ranged attack (depending on which you select, I took melee since Hamllin is a dual wielder) that increases your critical multiplier damage by +1 and the deals 500 damage to your enemy if they are below 20% in health.

Last night I took Hamllin into the Cursed Crypt, the capstone quest for the Necropolis III quests.  The Cursed Crypt is a challenging quest because it contains a number of mechanics that you need to overcome including a time limit, not killing more than five silver flame captives that have have been charmed by Maldetto, hunting down a cryptic key that can be on opposite ends of the lower floor, respawning enemies, traps (rotating blades, grease, following floors), and then dealing with Maldetto himself.  The crypt is quite large and there are a number of things you need to accomplish before you can open the gateway to the higher level and then more things at the higher level you need to accomplish to open up the seal to get to Maldetto’s lair as well.

 photo Hamllin fighting the first of Maldettos projections_zpsmnhytk8v.jpg
Hamllin fighting the first of Maldetto’s projections in the Cursed Crypt.

Whenever I enter the Cursed Crypt, I either do really well or things go horribly wrong.  I never seem to have a “middle of the road” outcome in there.  Luckily, this instance was a really good one.  As I was making my way through the extensive grounds of the crypt I decided to try out “A Good Death” on one of Maldetto’s projections.  For some reason I didn’t think it would really apply all that well to any undead mobs (Maldetto is a vampire).  I was quite surprised to see that it did go off and that its attack did well over 700 damage (I’m guessing the attack is adding some other factors in here on top of the base 500 damage).  After I made my way through the rest of the lower half of the dungeon and then cleared the upper level, I then dropped down into Maldetto’s lair.  I then attacked with “A Good Death” once again and so him crumble to the floor :).

 photo 700 points of damage from A Good Death_zpsslkj5f1a.jpg
Examining Hamllin’s combat log after his last fight with Maldetto.

When I took a look at Hamllin’s combat log I noticed that “A Good Death” hit for 739 points of damage.  Definitely a nice little boost :).  My only issue with using “A Good Death” is that its main ability relies on you determining approximately the 20% health limit.  We don’t really have any indicators on the monsters hot bars to indicate this level.  Sometimes it can be hard to judge when four fifths of an enemy’s hit point bar as been expended.  I would like have some small tick marks or something would help with that.

In any case, that is minor annoyance.  It is still pretty fun to see that burst of damage that typically kills the mob without them having a chance to heal back up.  And it appears to work on more than just regular enemies which is definitely nice to know!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Necropolis!!


3 thoughts on “What A Good Death!!

  1. Abilities like A Good Death and Arrow of Slaying don’t just add their damage on top of whatever you deal as an extra source – it adds it to your base damage that is determined BEFORE multipliers. As such, A Good Death is pretty much a death sentence to anything at 20% hp or less until Epic Hard. ^_^


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