What a Lazy Party!!

The other day I took Erdrique (Level 9 Rogue) through the rest of the House Deneith Depth Quests.  These quests are pretty much a staple for beginning adventurers to play through.  In many ways, these four quests are like a small story chain as they are linked to each other but in actuality the are treated as separate entities.  These four quests are The Depths of Darkness, The Depths of Despair, The Depths of Discord, and The Depths of Doom.  One thing that intrigues me about these quests are the quest givers.  You can see that the four individual NPCs that pass out these quests all belong to their own little party.  In fact, they are just sitting around together and guzzling down some drinks in the Hammersmith Inn, not showing any interest in going out to take care of the assignments they were given.

These quest givers are Keane d’Deneith, Scholes of Vedykar, Neville Stormhammer, and Giggs Elorreahi.  Just from a cursory glance, it looks like Keane and Neville are wearing some heavy armor while Giggs and Scholes are definitely wearing some robes.  We can also see that Keane is a human, Scholes is a halfling, Neville is a dwarf, and Giggs is an elf.  My assumption here, which could be completely off based, is that Keane is probably the party leader and is fighter, since he happens to have the d’Deneith name.  I’m also assuming that Scholes is a wizard, Neville is possibly a paladin or maybe even a cleric, while Giggs also appears to be wizard.  Since these quests were in the game from day one, and these were the primary classes at the time, that makes some intuitive sense.

 photo The lazy part in the Inn 2_zps2krborky.jpg
Erdrique is more than willing to do the quests that the “Lazy Party” doesn’t want to do.

However, what really intrigues me about this party is how lazy they are.  They have all been assigned to look into these four different portions of the House Deneith sewer and instead of taking some initiative and looking into these disturbances, they have actually decided to stall and to pass on their jobs to us to do.  It just makes me wonder about the motives of this party.  One would think that an adventurer would be more than willing to look for danger and to earn reputation and to hunt down some loot.  However, this party doesn’t seem to be too interested in it.  Although they try to say that they are waiting for the dwarf to sober up, it sounds just like an excuse to me.

 photo The lazy party in the Inn_zpsmxjvc7wb.jpg
Erdrique also ponders this party.

It makes me wonder if these guys feel these jobs are too far below their stature.  I wonder if this particular group of misfits got called out for some other misdeed.  I can easily see some of them causing a little more harm than good and therefore getting “punished.”  Especially since they seem to have the means to “pay/reward” us for the completions of the quests, suggesting that they are definitely seasoned adventurers.  I really wonder what their back stories are.  I also wonder what “level” these guys are.  In any case, an adventure is an adventure and an successful mission boasts one’s fame and reputation so I have no problem running through these sewers .

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

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