Sweeping Strike is Just Fun

So far I have enjoyed playing Erdrique (Level 9) through this life as a thief-acrobat rogue.  One of the more fun aspects for me so far has been obtaining and using the enhancement, Sweeping Strike.  Sweeping Strike is a tier three thief-acrobat enhancement that can be selected three times.  When you obtain Sweeping Strike it gives you a special cleave like attack that allows your character to spin around with their quarterstaff.  This active attack will do an additional +1/+2/+3 W damage (based on tier you have taken at the time) but its funnest attribute is that will trip all enemies within range of you using a difficulty check of 10 + half rogue level + your dexterity modifier against the enemy balance score.

 photo Tripping the enemy warmasters_zpsdn8eairu.jpg
Erd using sweeping strike on the war masters of Splinterskull.

This can be extremely beneficial, especially if you get surrounded by score of enemies.  I have been having some fun running into a room and getting surrounded and using Sweeping Strike to knock all of the enemies down around me.  I have also realized that his nice little ability has been pretty successful knocking down wolves, worgs, and even spiders.  I was able to trip the majority of the glass spiders I encountered while completing Splinterskull, which I thought was quite interesting.

I have also found this attack to be quite synergistic with cleave, Sly Flourish, and Quick Strike.  In fact I tend to head off into battle attacking with Sly Flourish, Quick Strike, Sweeping Strike, and then Cleave and starting the process all over again.  Nice attacks for sure!!

I’m looking forward to see what some of the other enhancements will do in this tree but for now I’m having so fun with Sweeping Strike :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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