The Joy of Upgrading Gear

Over the weekend, Erdrique (Rogue) hit level 9 :).  For me, this meant some updating to my gear.  Up to this point I was using basically Cannith Crafted +3 stat items, +7 Cannith Crafted spot and search items, a Cannith Crafted pair of feather falling boots, a Cannith Crafted cloak of +3 protection, a Cannith Crafted +3 resistance trinket, and some Cannith Crafted leather armor.  I also had a Deadly III necklace equipped.  So it was definitely time to go ahead and do some upgrading.

At level 9, this is point where I typically start to have gearing issues.  My main issue is that I just want to have too much equipped :).  I then have to start mixing and matching and working with what I have and what I can get.  I always pull out a number of things once I hit level 9, including the Nightforge Gorget and the Bloodstone.  The Nightforge Gorget I like to have because it is a nice necklace with heavy fortification on it.  The Bloodstone is the classic trinket I tend to use and has up graded with the Eldritch Resistance Ritual.  I also have a pair of +25 Hit Point Bracers and a pair of Speed V gloves that I wanted to start using as well.  This forced to shift some things around and this led to a number of complications.  The first complication I ran into was that by replacing the Nightforge Gorget for my deadly necklace, I then needed to replace my deadly item.  I couldn’t get a deadly item for a belt or for a ring because I’m using the Ring of the Stalker and Spare Hand, so I had lost two items right their.  I also wanted to keep my goggles as my spot item, which I upgraded to +11.  I did find a Deadly IV helmet that had an empty colorless slot which was fortunate because my helmet was my wisdom item.  So, I replaced my helmet and purchased a +3 wisdom diamond and slotted that in there.  I wanted to keep a wisdom item on to help with my pitiful will saves.  Although I could get a deadly V items at level 9, I figured a deadly IV item with a Wisdom diamond would be more beneficial to me.

 photo Shifting Gear_zpsko3eztn0.jpg
Erdrique playing around the ever changing “gear puzzle.”

So then I had to worry about the trinket item.  I decided to remove my Cannith Crafted protection cloak and Cannith Crafted on a different cloak that had a yellow augment slot.  I crafted it with a +3 resistance shard and then I applied a fear immunity topaz onto the cloak.  I could have crafted on a plain cloak to get a +4 resistance cloak, but I figured the Elderitch Ritual on Bloodstone and having a fear immunity topaz would make up for that.  Oh, I also should mention that the Nightforge Gorget also has a yellow augment slot which I slotted with a feather falling topaz, which freed up my boots slot.  So I lost my protection item but I’m figuring I can use blur and displacement scrolls to make up for that.  I then moved off to my gloves and bracers.  My gloves where a pair of crafted +3 Dexterity gloves which I replaced with my Speed V gloves.  However, I then crafted +5 Dexterity boots so that was a simple swap.  I also upgraded my +3 Constitution crafted ring to +5.  The next problem I ran into was my bracers.  I really wanted to use those +25 hit point braces but my bracers were slotted for my strength item.  I wound up crafting a +5 strength shard for those bracers but have decided to use my hit point bracers instead.  I wanted a strength item to deal with my loot weight limit and encumbrance issues.  However, I can carry them with me and swamp them out if I need to.  I think the hit point bracers will be much more useful.

Needless to say, the joys of swapping out gear can be quite interesting and its like a puzzle sometimes.  Now I get to do this in two more levels or so and then once again at level 15.  Until, then I will just focus on what I have for now :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


3 thoughts on “The Joy of Upgrading Gear

  1. I view gear management as a fun mini game. Leveling up is always a joy to hit the bank and see what goodies are there, and it usually takes me about an hour to figure out what is where. If there were a feature to show what bonuses are where wouldn’t that be great!
    I typically stand there equipping and unequipping items trying to memorize stats on the character sheet to see the changes. Then hit the AH to fill in the blanks. Amazing what a difference the gear makes!


    • It is definitely like a mini game, still it can be frustrating when I can’t get all of the enhancements and upgrades I would like. But then again that is point of that diversity!!


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