There Sure are A Lot of Scorpions in DDO

Last night, I was taking my monk, Lorrikk (Level 12) through Stromvauld’s Mine and was beating away on one of the large Monarch scorpions in the beginning of the quest and I had a random thought come to mind: there sure are a lot of scorpions in DDO.  The DDO wiki shows at least 48 different types of scorpions (including the named ones) that our adventurers may encounter.  As I was scrolling through some of my more recent screenshots, I also noticed that I had a number of them battling scorpions as well, just confirming how often we come across these creatures.

 photo Lorrikk taking on a monarch scorpion in Stromvaulds Mine_zpsst0ulwln.jpg
Lorrikk fighting a large monarch scorpion in Stromvauld’s Mine.

I have always been fascinated by scorpions.  Not sure why, I guess it may have to do with the fact that I’m a Scorpio but I think it is more due to the fact when I first watched the original Clash of the Titans back in the 1980s I was just enthralled with large scorpion fighting scenes.  In any case, I find them much more interesting than their eight legged cousins, spiders (which there are also plenty about in DDO).

 photo Exploring the Scondrels Run_zpsoo0evpal.jpg
Encountering a night scorpion in the Scondrel’s Run.

Our adventures lead us to encountering scorpions right after we leave Korthos Island from the time we help Haverdasher, to exploring the Waterworks, to dealing with the hobgoblins in Tangleroot, to exploring Three Barrel Cove, Ataraxia’s Haven, and the Desert to nearly every location in Eberron.  However, with that said, they don’t appear to be all that present in the Forgotten Realms.  Makes me wonder about that.  In any case, scorpions can be an extremely tough enemy, especially if you are encountering them in a dungeon on elite.  They tend to hit hard and often and they tend to swarm in packs, although this isn’t always the case.  They also have the annoying habit of poisoning you.

 photo Erd running into scorpions in Three Barrel Cove_zps4pth77f8.jpg
Erdrique coming across Lacerator, a named scorpion, in Three Barrel Cove.

There is also quite a wide variety of scorpions that we come across.  Some scorpions are just downright huge while others are more “normal” size.  The color range of the scorpions we come across, as well as their habitats, also vary quite widely.  Needless to say, these critters are quite adaptable, wide ranging, and dangerous.  But then again, they are fun!! 🙂

So as you are making your way around the various dungeons and landscapes of Eberron, keep your I on the ground and be prepared to see ground burst with a swarm of scorpions because they indeed can show up anywhere!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting those scorpions!!


3 thoughts on “There Sure are A Lot of Scorpions in DDO

  1. when I was new to the game it was always the scorpions that killed me. Haverdasher–I kited them, terrified; then the first red-named in Offering of Blood; there is a tough one in Purge the Heretics, etc. Now I do not have the same issue


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