Wondering About the Shades of Insanity

Recently, I took Erdrique (Level 9 Rogue) through the quest Chamber of Insanity.  The Chamber of Insanity is one of those stable level 5 quests that is completed to help obtain House Kundarak Favor.  It is located not far away from the Ever Full Flagon where the quest giver, Kranig Stoneshield, is sitting down and drinking some ale.  As you listen to Kranig talking about the Chamber of Insanity, you learn that House Kundarak had rented out the chamber to some cultists of the Blood of Vol (supposedly unknowingly) and supposedly had taken care of the cultists but left the undead behind.

Some of these undead include four powerful wraiths.  The Shade of Madness, Shade of Despair, Shade of Hatred, and Shade of Agony.  These four wraiths must be defeated before you can reach the inner section of the chamber to take out the specter known as the Soulless One.  So, as I was making my way through the quest, I began to wonder about these wraiths some more, similar to my ponderings about the soul lock guardians in Delera’s Tomb.  Who were these wraiths?  How did they become to be in the service of the cultists of the Blood of Vol?  What are their backgrounds?

 photo Taking on the Shade of Despair_zpsok3cgrti.jpg
Erdrique battling the shade of Despair in the Chamber of Insanity.

The Blood of Vol has become increasingly more influential in DDO since the release of epic version of Necro IV and the Mark of Death Raid back with Update 23.  We know that the cult is quite powerful and that Vol herself is definitely a formidable opponent.  My best assumption here is that the shades were once living members of the cult.  They were probably higher level members of the cult, who were willing to sacrifice their souls in order to continue to serve the cult and its master, Vol.  It also appears that each wraith was assigned to represent a different attribute that helps drive and feed a being to insanity (Madness, Despair, Agony, and Hatred), thus an apply named dungeon.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the four previously alive members of the cult had certain qualities that made them more apt to fulfilling these roles.

 photo Battling the Shade of Agony_zpsdzrzqckc.jpg
The shade of Agony is looking for a quick end.

For instance, I wouldn’t be surprised if these members wound up joining the cult because of some sense of personal tragedy that occurred while they were living or because of some huge sense of loss that they couldn’t overcome.  They also probably couldn’t get the council and help they needed from the other powerful religious orders (Silver Flame, Undying Court, or Sovereign Host).  Although it is difficult to figure out what roles they held, I wouldn’t be surprised if they came from different backgrounds and had different skills such as one being a fighter, another a caster, another a cleric, and maybe even a rogue.  Unfortunately we don’t gather enough information about these individuals to determine their background or how they became what they are.

 photo Fighting the Shade of Hatred_zpsndbkbkqz.jpg
The shade of Hatred portrays his feelings well.

As we make our way through the Chamber of Insanity though, we do come across two necromancers, although I don’t these are the ones that converted the former members of the cults to the wraiths they are on.  I’m thinking that this was done by the specter, the Soulless One.  But again, who can really say.  It does lead to some interesting questions though.

Maybe we will learn more about these wraiths.  But until then, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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