What, You Didn’t Get My Email?

One of the things that makes DDO a great game is the vast and wonderful community that has developed around the game.  This includes not only the people you play with in game but the all of those other community members who write blogs, developed podcasts, Twitch their adventures on Twitch.TV, create YouTube videos, participate in the forums (when not trolling), and those who have Twitter accounts detailing their experiences in game.  I do my best (and admittedly I fall quite short) in participating in the community as much as I can, mainly by creating articles for this blog.

However, another way I like to contribute is by sending emails to those who take the time and effort to create the wonderful podcasts that highlight the game in order to show them that I appreciate and really enjoy their efforts.  This includes sending emails to Patrick at DDOCast (sent a few emails his way), Saminus and Lessah at the DDOCocktail Hour (only one email so far, but I’ll get more sent that way 🙂 ), Draculetta and Pineleaf at DDOPlayers.com (I’m considered to be their stalker 😛 ), and most recently to Sahba Jade, Mythery, and Lessah for the Damsels of DDO (one email to each, so far).  But when I was listening to the latest episode of the Damsels of DDO, I was stricken with grief.  It turns out that Sahba Jade never received my email!! :(.

During the opening of the show, Lessah and Mythery went over the emails I sent to them and Lessah teased poor Sahba Jade…making her feel left out!!!  But I swear…I sent an email to Sahba too!!  Really I did!!  In fact, when I was sending emails out to the Damsels, I started out with Sahba Jade first!!  Then I sent out an email to Mythery and then to Lessah.  Although I never heard back from Sahba Jade, I just assumed she had received my email.  I never got a message indicating that it bounced back and figured everything was good.  But no…it wasn’t!!

So Sahba, I apologize and I swear (again!!) that I sent you an email and I sent you another one today (and I cc’ed Mythery and Lessah) and forwarded you the first email I had sent out.  I hope you get it!!  Otherwise I’m going to have to think you flag me as spam :(.

In all seriousness though, the extended DDO Community is one of the greatest aspects of the game.  Its great to read all of the various blogs, watch and listen to the various videos and podcasts, and to participate in the forums and I will continue to do my best to keep up with the community news and to promote involvement in it!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in DDO!!

 photo Sunset in Sorrowdusk Isle_zpsxbg7uiuz.jpg
Cantlin in Sorrowdusk Isle taking a break while I contemplate my next blogging topic…

PS-Mythery, the world does revolve you and I can’t believe I haven’t blogged specifically about that.  I’m going to work on that :)!!

3 thoughts on “What, You Didn’t Get My Email?

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  2. “Fall quite short” are you kidding? Your blog always has new, interesting content and you participate on forums in a positive way all the time!
    Keep up the great work 🙂


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