Having Some Fun with Turn Undead

With my two accounts, I have two clerics currently, Wapoyei (Level 23/Divine Crusader) and Containment (Level 6).  I also completed a cleric life with Erdrique awhile back.  Wapoyei is on my VIP account while Containment is on my Premium account.  I enjoy playing clerics and find them extremely versatile.  One of their primary attributes is an ability that has changed quite considerably over time, Turn Undead.  Clerics are granted this special ability at level 1 (Paladins pick it up at level 4).  Turn undead is an interesting ability but it is also a little complicated to understand.  The first thing that occurs when you activate the ability is that you roll a “turning check.”  The turning check determines the the highest hit dice monster you can affect and it is determined by rolling a single d20 plus the clerics charisma modifier.  After the highest hit die has been determined, you conduct another roll that determines the total turn undead damage.  The total turn undead damage actually calculates the total amount of hit dice you affect on this attempt by rolling 2d6 and adding that to your total effective cleric level (the actual number of cleric levels your character has) plus your charisma modifier.  This little formula has been tweaked quite a bit over the years.

I remember when I first started playing DDO that this special ability was practically useless.  Especially when running quests on elite.  However, this has changed quite a bit and many clerics will use turn undead quite effectively when dealing with numerous undead enemies.  I was able to take quite a bit of advantage of this while taking Containment through the Crypt of Gerard Dryden.  I was able to destroy nearly all the enemies I was facing, while in the past I would have been lucky to turn maybe one or two of the enemies.

 photo Containment turning the dead_zps61cgiiwd.jpg
Even with a poor turn undead damage roll, I was still able to knock out a few enemies with my attempt.

When you use turn undead, it affects all of the undead enemies around you.  The enemies affected glow with a bright flash and twinkle for a few second, with most of them being destroyed outright while others run away in fear or cower.  It is a nice ability to use when you are surrounded by undead and can be used as a nice little source of crowd control or burst damage.

Another special ability of turn undead is that a number of special abilities in the cleric and paladin enhancement trees can be substituted for its use.  This makes gathering abilities that give you extra turn undead attempts/uses or more attractive.  A number of enhancements in the Radiant Servant tree are reliant on turn undead attempts including positive energy burst, positive energy aura, divine cleansing, and divine healing.

So if you are a cleric (and a paladin), don’t ignore your turn undead ability.  Especially if you are wanting to focus in the Radiant Servant tree.  Taking some time to increase the number of turn undead attempts and damage might turn out to be extremely useful, especially with the large number of undead we currently encounter in game.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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