Black Sun Ogre’s A Little Confused!!

I have no idea how many times I have taken various characters through the Grey Moon Waning Story Arc but the more I go through there the more things I see that make me scratch my head.  During my latest run with Erdrique (Level 10 Rogue), I was fortunate enough to come across Flamefang and Powder.  But as I defeated them I began to wonder about this.  Powder is a winter wolf and Flamefang is a large fire breathing hellhound.  Can there be anything more opposite that those two creatures?

 photo So what is the deal with the hell hound and winter wolf_zpspfpjgccf.jpg
Erdrique finishing off Flamefang in the Iron Mines and then realizing that something is off here.

Now there is no doubt that Grust has some powerful shamans or casters at his disposal and that they are probably the ones responsible for summoning both Powder and Flamefang.  Of course Flamefang could also be the mate of Teargon who lingers around the Sorrowdusk Isle wilderness area.  But in either case, in how many instances do you see a powerful hellhound in the same area as a powerful winter wolf?  It makes me thing that Grust has some competing shamans who want his favor and they are using their powerful pets to try to gather a stronger influence with him.  I guess they might be having some type of competition, which ever beast does best will help earn more respect for their master.  I guess ogres are really chaotic!!  🙂

In any case, neither one of them did a good job!!  Although I did note that Powder was free ranging while Flamefang was locked up.  Perhaps Flamefang was having a little too much fun with his liberty!!

You have to love ogres and their competitive styles.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Sorrowdus Isle!!


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