Love and Hate Relationship with the Guild Website

One of things I have learned over the past few years is how nice having a guild website is but also how frustrating it can be as well.  That is why I have titled this blog post the way I have.  During this past week, our guild website was down and it was down for a sufficient length of time that I began to wonder if the servers were no longer running.  Our guild website host is GuildPortal.  I created the site back in 2009 I believe.  Prior to that our guild was using just a generic forum page as our website, which wound up getting shut down.  So I was quite excited to create a new website on GuildPortal.  At the time, one of our alliance guilds was using GuildPortal as their website host and I took a look at it and was quite impressed.  I was also glad to see that it had a number of options and capabilities that were free to use as well.  So our website at GuildPortal was created: Crypt Crawlers.

 photo Guild Home_zpsrcdwyzxn.jpg

A screen shot of our Crypt Crawler home page on GuildPortal.

I devote a large amount of time to our guild website each week.  To be honest, our guild website is the center piece for me to communicate with our guild members.  I say this because the guild website and my updates to it are key to my weekly guild newsletters.  Each week, I send out a guild newsletter that updates everybody on the ins and outs of the things that are happening in game.  I tend to include topics that have occurred on the DDO Forums, the various DDO podcasts, the various DDO blogs, and other topics of interest.  However, other things I include in the newsletter include shouts, post made on our guild forums, changes to our guild bank, updates to various links in the many widgets on your page, and updates to our calendar.  So as you can imagine, my weekly newsletter is heavily tied to our guild website.  So if the website goes down it has quite an effect on what I can include in the weekly newsletter.

 photo Guild Medals_zpsxnsoehbq.jpg

I’ve taken some time to create some medals for the guild.

Early in the week, I actually believe it was on Memorial Day, or possibly Sunday prior, something happened with the GuildPortal servers.  I couldn’t load up our webpage at all and as the week continued I would encounter one of three different errors, primarily stating that the connection to the server was reset and to try again later.  So I took a look at the GuildPortal Facebook page and noticed that others were also having the same problem.  I also noted that the developers for GuildPortal hadn’t posted anything new on their Facebook page since 2013.  After a few days with the website still not loading and no new posts or communication being made through Facebook, I began to think that our guild page was lost for good.

 photo Guild Calendar_zpsvayuyqvd.jpg

A quick look at the calendar that I try to keep updated.

I was highly disappointed and frustrated with this.   By far, I use the guild website more than anybody else in our guild.   But that is also because I’m the one who updates it.  With that said I have spent so much time and have put up some much content on it, that just simply losing it would be heart breaking.  I have created a number of guild forum posts ranging from builds to talks about quests, my blog actually started with GuildPortal’s blog utility, I have created some guild medals for the adventure zones and reincarnations, I have created character biographies and journals that are stored there, as well as creating a number of widgets that contain links to various DDO resources, a DDO News widget, and have linked the album widget to our Photobucket site.

 photo Guild Forum_zpsest9nvhf.jpg

Our guild forums.

Needless to say, it might be time to start looking for a new guild website host.  I was actually looking into this on Thursday when I was reviewing some guild sites at Gamer Launch when I decided to try to reload our website again and was amazed to see it pull up.  There is still no comment made as to why the page went down for so long.  So people on Facebook wondered if the heavy rains impacted the GuildPortal servers but there still hasn’t been any communication from the website’s developers so it is hard to determine this.  I would hate to leave GuildPortal because I do believe they have quite a bit of functionality that I have used and some others that I haven’t used quite yet but its stability has really become questionable.  I’m glad I haven’t submitted a paid subscription otherwise I would have really been upset.

In any case, the website is currently back up and now I can get back to updating it.  I’m just hoping that it isn’t a fluke and that the servers are just running on burrowed time.  I guess we’ll see.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

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