Beating Malicia at Her Own Game

Whenever I hit level 20 with a character, I typically start working on their epic questing starting out in Eberron working my way through the House Phiarlan Carnival Series, then through the House Deneith Sentinel Series, then through the Red Fens, then through Vault of Night, then off to the Desert, and then through the Web of Chaos series to get out to Eveningstar.  Last night, I just finished up the House Phiarlan Carnival series by running Under the Big Top on epic normal with my Bard/Fatesinger, Larrs (Level 21).  Larrs is primarily a Spell Singer and has some powerful sonic spells, strong healing spells, and has the ability to mess around with the enemies, especially with his Irresistible Dance and charm spells.  Running through Under the Big Top I had a fun time using these abilities .

 photo Larrs using his charming talents_zpsetsaux0z.jpg
Larrs using his charms to convince some bad guys to help him out.

While I was taking Larrs and his makeshift party through the quest, I paid special attention to where the enemy mobs liked to congregate and who they tended to attack first.  In this particular quest, the majority of enemies spawn once you hit a certain a point along the path, coming out to ambush you.  Although the enemies are typically spread throughout a nice size arc or circle they still tend to run together to converge on a particular party member (in my case it was generally a hireling).  This was actually quite a favorable action for Larrs because it allowed him to cast Mass Charm Monster to great effect, often catching the majority of those enemies and turning them into reluctant allies.  As the charmed monsters wound up turning on their comrades, it then allowed me to concentrate on those clerics and arcanes that stayed out on the perimeter and to hit them Irresistible Dance.  This strategy worked extremely nicely!!

 photo Larrs using his charms once again_zpsupigxzku.jpg
Larrs using mass charm monster to help him out during the end fight with Malicia.

Once I made it into the Big Top for the final fight and I even more fun with Malicia and her summoned/charmed allies.  After she charmed the elves that were supposed to capture here, I wound up charming them again, or at least some of them, and had a smile on my face when they started attacking each other.  I also found it comical that they had two “pink hats” on, one from Malicia and then one from me.  After they were dispatched with, I used the same technique to land some charms on her summoned tieflings throughout the rest of fight.

 photo Larrs letting his charms thwart Malicia_zpspbn0xnzk.jpg
Larrs laughing as he re charms the House Phairlan elves :).

Needless to say, the combination of using those charms, placing the clerics and arcanes under Irresistible Dance, and then using Greater Shout, Shout, Sonic Blast, and Horn of Thunder made the encounters easy to handle.  It was fun using Malicia’s tactics against herself :).  In any case, I had a fun time taking Larrs through there.  Of course it was on epic normal, I’m sure the circumstances would have been very different on higher difficulties but it was still fun!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


3 thoughts on “Beating Malicia at Her Own Game

  1. I originally used Horn of Thunder, but in the end, found that the Mass Hold was BRUTALLY effective in the hands of a Spellsinger.. plus, the extra damage while they’re helpless was sheer beauty!


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