Gathering up Those Cannith Challenge Crafting Ingredients

A couple of weeks, I wrote up an article about collecting Cannith Challenge ingredients and how I was working on gathering enough of those ingredients to upgrade my Ring of the Stalker and Spare Hand with Erdrique by the time he hits level 11.  Along with exploring the Temple of Elemental Evil Part II this past weekend I also worked pretty hard in gathering those ingredients.  I started off by taking Erdrique through the Dragon’s Hoard three times to collect the number of enchanted armor fragments I needed.  That then left me with only two more challenges to farm: Labor Shortage and Picture Portals.  However, I couldn’t take Erdrique into either of these quests because he wasn’t a high enough level yet.

 photo Erd staring down at the Hoard of crystals_zpsrcynxamt.jpg
Erdrique working on guiding the kobolds to the hoard of crystals in the Dragon’s Hoard.

So, I decided to bring on Hamllin, my level 16 Figther, to take on those challenges.  Labor Shortage, like the other Extraplanar Palace challenges, requires you to guide kobolds through the palace to collect a minimum number of crystals to complete however if your kobolds get killed they cannot be resurrected.  The one good thing about this quest, is that it is only 10 minutes long.  However, I was very annoyed when I first entered the quest and watched as one of kobolds decided he wanted to fall off the bridge and into the lava and stay there.  Needless to say that he died, but luckily he was the only to perish and I was able to complete five runs in there to get enough arcanaloth scrolls.

 photo Hammy protecting the kobolds_zpso4fahk18.jpg
Hamllin working on protecting the kobolds in Labor Shortage.

I then headed off to the Dr. Rushmore Challenges to do Picture Portals.  I have a pretty well established route through Dr. Ruhsmore’s Mansion to kind at least one of the bosses but it is pretty reliant on finding enough of the dang crests to open up the doors.  I haven’t had many issues completing these challenges lately and I was able to continue my runs this past weekend without any major issues.  I made my way through Picture Portals twice before it got to late and headed to bed.  During those runs I got about 230 or so jeweled goblets per run.  This is the last ingredient I still need for all of my upgrades.

 photo Time to hunt down a boss_zpscgned0dn.jpg
Hamllin making his way through Picture Portals.

Luckily, I plan on playing Hamllin this week so I will take him through the Picture Portals and gather the rest of the jeweled goblets I need.  I’m thinking I will need to run it at least 3, maybe 4 times, before I gather enough ingredients.  This should work out well because Erdrique needs about 25,000 experience before he needs to level up to 11 which he should get by the time this coming weekend is done.  During the next set of updgrades, Erdrique should be able to run all of these challenges on his own :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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