Our First Look at the Temple of Elemental Evil Part 2

Well, I must say that I keep falling further and further behind in my blogging :(.  This is primarily because of having a busy weekend, which included a trip to the beach (couldn’t pass it up), and just a heavy meeting schedule at work which hasn’t allowed me to blog that much during my lunch hour.  But, with that said, I still plan on catching up.  I plan on writing up a blog on where I stand with my challenge crafting, my DDO activity over the past weekend, and an interesting observation about the epic VON quests (interesting to me at least).

However, in this article I wanted to give my first impressions on my first look at the Temple of Elemental Evil Part 2.  The weekend before last, a few of the Crypt Crawlers headed off and ventured into the Temple of Elemental Evil Part 1 and had quite an experience.  Over this past weekend, we took our chances in the second half of the Temple of Elemental Evil, and once again we had some interesting experiences.  I took Erdrique (Level 10 Rogue) into the Temple and was joined by Hellbanisher and Twotoe.  I must say that the inner temple was just as impressive as the outer temple in terms of atmosphere and appearance.  I really enjoyed the detail inside the inner temple and I thought the sparkling altar was really cool to see.

 photo Wicked altar in the Temple of Elemental Evil_zpszbnyrgut.jpg
Erdrique admiring the sparkling altar in the Temple of Elemental Evil Part 2.

During our explorations throughout the second half of the temple, we came across a number of enemies, although they were primarily humans, orcs, and ogres in the main temple while the two elemental nodes we visited had some of the elemental type monsters.  We did run into a few pressure plate traps but not many.  After we obtained the crest, we headed off into the Fire Node to find the air node elemental gem.  While in there we ran across fire elementals, fire mephits, salamanders, a named fire giant, and fire bats (which were annoying).  We started to explore the air node but when we got obliterated we decided to stop and to head to Zuggtmoy’s chamber.

 photo Twotoe finding a secret door_zpsb9onj6uf.jpg
Twotoe spotting a secret door in the Temple of Elemental Evil Part II.

We did have a few wipes.  After we collected the crest, we ran into some issues in the large chamber hall when we accidentally grabbed the aggro of way too many mobs.  We just got swarmed and had to back track to take them out.  We reentered the quest a few times at that point.  After we suffered pretty badly in the air node we also reentered and made our way back to the fire node and transported to the final encounter with Zuggtmoy.

 photo Time to Retreat_zpsgizdsern.jpg
Erdrique carrying some soul stones back to a shrine.

The final encounter with Zuggtmoy was rather interesting.  I had already known previously about the sheltering mushrooms from reading various things on the forums and listening to the various DDO podcasts but I didn’t really know how they functioned.  When we entered Zuggtmoy’s chamber, we were immediately hit with spore attack and then had to deal with her first spawn of mobs, primarily dretches if I remember correctly.  We quickly attacked her as much as we could and we had her about half way down when we finally all got killed.  We then released and reentered one at a time and made our way back to her, where we got killed again this time with her summoning some more powerful enemies including a few hezrous.  However, on our third reentry, we focused our attacks just on her and we were able to defeat her.  Once she was down we made it to the shrine and were surprised that the other spawns didn’t follow us.  I’m not sure if this was working as intended or not.  But we did finish the quest and received our reward.

 photo Taking on the second half of the Temple of Elemental Evil_zps52ycsqjx.jpg
The Crawlers exploring the Temple of Elemental Evil Part 11.

The quest itself was very interesting.  Although we didn’t spend nearly as much time in the part II as part I, we were still in the quest for more than two hours.  We didn’t explore the second half of the dungeon to the extend of the first dungeon either, having only fully exploring the fire node a little bit of the air node.  So we will have to take another look at those nodes to see what else we can come across.  The quest is definitely challenging, and the end fight mechanics will still take some time to figure out correctly.  I didn’t realize that those mushrooms seem to spawn at random, I was originally thinking they were static and was quite surprised to see the one mushroom I was using disappear, lol.  Overall, I really enjoyable experience, although Hellbanisher was trying his best to set a Crypt Crawler death record, lol :P.

 photo Well this looks interesting_zpsevk14305.jpg
Coming up on Zuggitmoy’s chambers.

So, if you haven’t tried the Temple of Elemental Evil Part II give it a shot.  It is a complicated, long, and rich dungeon experience (and definitely be prepared for a challenge)!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting everybody!!


3 thoughts on “Our First Look at the Temple of Elemental Evil Part 2

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  2. Sadly, your end fight was not working as intended, probably due to the reentry. Once Zuggtmoy reaches each 25% health mark, she encases herself in a shield which cannot be penetrated until the spawns are killed. So under normal circumstances, that tactic won’t work.

    On the other hand, you can mitigate a lot (but not all) of the spore damage by taking out the Toxic Mushrooms as soon as they appear (just as random as the others) and by clicking a Cleansing Mushroom every time one shows up to reset your damage stacks. Just entering their aura won’t work; you have to click it.


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