Realization About Epic Vault of Night (VON) Quests

Although I have a number of characters that are level 20 and higher, I still consider myself relatively new (or at least learning ropes) to epic questing.  Not too long ago, I had decided that I would work on completing quests on at least epic hard difficulties with three of my characters: Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Chamption), Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild), and Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Divine Crusader).  Next to my true reincarnated characters (Erdrique and Hamllin), these three characters I feel the most comfortable playing in knowing their attacks, abilities, and spells.  I also feel that they are slightly better geared that my other three epic level characters (Rimuldar, Larrs, and Sludgge).  However, even with that said, all of my characters can use some gear upgrades!!

So, now that I have showed you a little bit about my state of mind when it comes to my various characters (well at least some of them anyway 🙂 ), I wanted to write about what I noticed when I took two of my characters, Kolll and Garrrin, through Epic VON 1, Epic VON 2, and Epic VON 3.  As you can imagine, I noticed some differences right away in the abilities of Kolll and Garrrin to make their way through these quests.  Kolll, being primarily a ranged base character, and Garrrin focusing on swinging a two handed greataxe, their abilities to handle large and dispersed mobs differed greatly.  But that wasn’t what I wanted focus on during this post, I wanted focus more on the things they ran into that were similar, primarily with the overall difficulty of these quests as they compare to each other.

 photo Garrrin and his panther making some work of the Drow Shaman_zpsqvtdvpuk.jpg
Garrrin and his onyx panther causing havoc for the drow shaman in VON 3.

VON 1 and VON 2 are level 21 quests on Epic Normal while VON 3 is a level 22 on Epic Normal.  On Epic Hard, the levels of these quest go up by one and the mobs become noticeably tougher.  When I first attempted VON 1 with Garrrin and Kolll on epic hard, I made it to the arena without any issues whatsoever.  However, once in the arena, it didn’t take long for both of these characters to get decimated.  Now, a large part of this in the beginning was my lack of understanding what I was going to be facing in the end fight, as the paragon kobold shamans really liked to drain my guys pretty good and I was ill equipped to deal with that.  However, once I realized my error with those initial runs, I then found deathward items and proceeded back into the quest to only last another round when or so.  Eventually, through sheer luck and grit, I completed VON 1 with Garrrin on Epic Hard but after several frustrating attempts, I gave up with Kolll and settled with a Epic Normal completion in VON 1.  I just realized that Garrrin is probably a little more equipped to handle that last arena fight that Kolll.

 photo Kolll making his way through Epic VON 2_zpsomya9xcf.jpg
Kolll making his way through epic VON 2.

However, my runs through VON 2 and VON 3 were quite different.  Now I thought that VON 2 and VON 3 would be considerably harder that VON 1, especially VON 3 since it is a higher level quest.  But what I found out is that Kolll and Garrrin had absolutely no problems running through VON 2 and VON 3 on Epic Hard, at all.  Well, I did have some issues with Garrrin on my first attempt on VON 3 but that was because I was just being dumb about taking out some of the ranged enemies when Garrrin doesn’t really have any ranged attack damage to sufficiently take those drow down (the drow perched on the overhang after you open that door that leads to the first shrine).  I just found it really interesting that I was able to blow through VON 2 and VON 3 on both characters but did so poorly in VON 1.

 photo Kolll fighting in Epic VON 3_zps2upju5pp.jpg
Kolll fighting his way through epic VON 3.

The main difference between VON 1 and the other two quests is the end fight.  The large number of enemies during the arena fight in VON 1 quickly caused me to experience a yellow dungeon alert and didn’t take long for that to escalate into trouble.  The end fight in VON 2 also has some immediate spawns, but those are just named mobs and not nearly as many therefore a dungeon alert situation was not a problem.  Now the at the end VON 3 we have three little waves of enemies prior to facing the named drow, beholder, and troll.  However, again these enemies didn’t spawn to the point of causing a dungeon alert on me.    So the primary difference I noticed was the dungeon alert.  I just need to figure out a way to care of those enemies in the arena in VON 1 quickly enough so that the dungeon alert doesn’t kick off.  I guess we’ll see how that goes in my future attempts :).

In any case, I found it interesting that VON 2 and VON 3 were not much of an issue for me to complete on Epic Hard but VON 1 was.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Vault of Night!!


3 thoughts on “Realization About Epic Vault of Night (VON) Quests

  1. The best tactic in VON 1’s arena fight – that I’ve found, at least – is to know which gates to stand in front of for each of the three waves. As you’re looking at the axe pedestal, round one is the ramp to your far left for the kobold shaman. Round two is the far right for the mephits and air elementals, and round three is back to the kobolds. This allows you to get rid of the nuisance monsters BEFORE everyone else gets aggroed, thus making the rest of the fight easier, and avoiding dungeon alert altogether.


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