Don’t You Hate Those Annoying Rats?

One of the things I have been spending some time doing with Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) is collecting all of the slayers/kills in the Red Fens.  As I make my through the area, I always have to laugh when I come up to the Raveneye Village and see the two drow kneeling in front of the entrance to the quest, The Last Stand.

 photo Whats up with drow letting this rat bother them_zps0gwbdact.jpg
Hamllin coming up on the drow kneeling in front of the quest, The Last Stand, in the Raveneye Village in the Red Fens.  Boy do they have some patience.

The reason why I laugh each time I come up to this point is because there is always a rat trying to attack them.  And these poor guys just sit there, taking the abuse.  It reminds me when I’m in my back yard mowing the yard and dealing with mosquitoes.  The drow are just treating this rat as an annoyance and I can just imagine them sweeping and kicking away the rat, only to watch the stupid thing come back, lol.  Just like those damn mosquitoes in my backyard, lol.

 photo Whats up with the rat_zpsnmezplge.jpg
This rat sure is persistent.

Actually, I remember the drow being able to run around to kill these rats when they got to close.  However, this appears to have been altered/changed over the past few updates where these poor guys just have to sit there and take the annoyance of that rat.  In any case, I thought it funny and just wanted to share.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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