Guild Level Up!!

On Friday, I took Erdrique (Level 11 Rogue) through some of the last few level 7 quests on elite he was working on which happened to include the Sentinel Series.  Once I completed the Tide Turns, I went over to Barrel’s Bottom to turn in my Heroic Saga for the Thunder Sea.  The reward I chose was the guild renown.

 photo The Saga is complete_zpskozwqgla.jpg

Erdrique turning in his reward and rolling in the renown.

See I figured there is plenty of experience in the game and the Crypt Crawlers are a small guild so any guild renown accumulation is important to me.  I still had a guild renown potion working (I actually had picked up the guild renown potion from the House Cannith Traders before heading out to Barrel’s Bottom) and with our guild size bonus, the reward netted us 97,350 renown.  Not bad at all, which then prompted us to hit guild level 66 :).  Still quite a ways to go to hit guild level 100, but we are steadily but slowly progressing our way there!!  I think this is the third saga I have turned in, twice for the Pirates of Thunder Sea and one for Gianthold, both on heroic.  I must say, they are an excellent source of renown :).

The next saga for me will probably be Gianthold with Erdrique, which is still a little ways away.  But I’ll be looking forward to that reward when it comes around.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


4 thoughts on “Guild Level Up!!

  1. I blew most of my TP on renown pots during the last sale, because I have a number of toons with completed/nearly completed sagas. I’m going to hold off on turning them in until the next guild renown weekend, then I’m going to drink the pots and go hit all the NPCs.

    I figure with 16 toons in the guild, all of them with SOME sagas done and quite a few of them with half a dozen or more, and mostly on elite or true elite, we should move up nicely!


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