The Plan Was Successful

One thing I had planned on doing was making sure I had gathered enough Cannith Challenge Crafting ingredients to upgrade my Ring of the Stalker and Spare Hand to the level 11 versions when Erdrique (Level 11 Rogue) was also ready to level up to 11.  By the time last Thursday came around, I had gathered all the ingredients I needed except for the Jeweled Goblets which drop from challenge Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals.  I couldn’t take Erdrique into that particular challenge because he didn’t reach the minimum level for the quest, which is level 15.  So instead, I took Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) into Picture Portals on Thursday night and was able to gather enough ingredients in two runs.  All of this worked out quite well because after my Friday afternoon run with Erdrique, who completed Bargain of Blood on elite, I was only 4,000 experience short of being forced to level 11 (because of the amount of experience I had banked).

So, as soon as I logged on Friday night, the first thing I did was to take Erdrique to the rogue trainer and I went ahead and leveled up to 11 and then went immediately headed to the Cannith Challenge Crafting NPCs and upgraded my Ring of the Stalker and Spare Hand.

 photo My Upgraded Ring of the Stalker_zpsb7i7xkz0.jpg

 photo My upgraded Spare Hand_zpssru3zaon.jpg

Erdrique excited about his upgrades!! 

Now, my Ring of the Stalker has the fun Manslayer effect and my spare hard has Staggering Blow as well as the Insightful Combat Mastery +4.  All of these are quite fun, especially when I cleaved through a bunch of enemies and happened to roll a 20 to watch them all fall to their death at the beginning of the fight (those poor hobgoblins in Tear of Dhakhaan…yeah right 🙂 ).

One thing I also did, after I upgraded these fun pieces of Cannith Challenge Gear, I also upgraded the rest of my equipment, except for my quarterstaff (which is already at level 10).  So the next thing I did was to pull out my Greensteel Goggles (with all of the immunities), my Greensteel boots (not equipped but with the a raise dead clickie), and my Ring of the Ancestor (not equipped but with a raised dead clickie).  I then went to the Cannith Crafting altars and raised up my equipment to +6 stats, bought a new deadly V cloak (couldn’t find a deadly VI), bought a new set of Speed VI gloves, and re-configured my armor to have resistance on it (which was formally on my cloak).  So, I must say that my timing on this worked out pretty well!!

Now I need to start gathering the ingredients for the level 15 upgrade for the Ring of the Stalker and the Spare Hand.  But I have plenty of time to collect those.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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