Finally Fed Up….

A couple of weeks ago I wrote up a post how I had a hate and love relationship with the Crypt Crawler Guild Portal Website.  Well, the Guild Portal host has once again gone offline or has been having issues.  On top of that, the developers of Guild Portal seem to refuse to update or post anything on their Facebook page.  This latest incident occurred sometime between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, and it still appears to be down.  I had a few people reply to my Facebook post on the Guild Portal Facebook page stating that they couldn’t load their sites either and that some of them have started a new page over at Gamer Launch.  I’m just currently sick of seeing this:

 photo Guild Portal Load Error Page_zpsqlb3rlfb.jpg

What the Crypt Crawler webage currently looks like :(.

As a result of this, I did a google search on guild hosting websites and came across an interesting review article here.  Which ironically enough also took at look at Guild Portal and gave it a nice review rating, until others commented to them that Guild Portal’s customer service has been lacking for the last few years.  I really enjoy the tools that Guild Portal has but right now the lack of being able to even access the site is causing me some issues.

After reading some of the reviews, I’m also thinking about starting a page at Enjin as well.  That sites seems to offer a lot of functionality for free.  I think my overall plan right now is too create a website at both hosts, Gamer Launch and Enjin, and have the guild review them and see which they like better.  There are DDO Guilds on both services, so I know they support the game, which is always a good thing.

All I know right now is that I’m really frustrated with Guild Portal.  I put in a lot of effort to the site and it would have been nice to know when things go down or get some type of acknowledgement when things awry.  Like somebody else posted on the Guild Portal Facebook page, they are just checking to see if their site comes back up so they can move/copy their content over to their new guild website (forum posts, screenshots, etc.).  That is basically where I am.  So I guess I’ll know what I’ll be doing later this week and this weekend.

Thanks for reading my complaints everybody and happy hunting!!


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