Taking Advantage of the Crafting Experience

Last weekend, the DDO Bonus days was for 30% Cannith Crafting experience.  Now I don’t hammer out Cannith Crafting Shards all the time, instead I tend to work on crafting shards and raising my crafting levels in spurts, particularly whenever I notice that a lot of folks just don’t happen to be on during the weekend.  However, I also like to take advantage of small boosts such as what was happening last week.  So, off to the Cannith Crafting halls I went :).

 photo Crafting some shards_zpsg82yhk2l.jpg

Erdrique visiting the crafting halls to crank out some shard and work on raising some crafting levels.

I already mentioned in a previous blog post how useful I have found Cannith Crafting but one thing I think that will make it that much more useful will be when I can start crafting the “flexible” shards.  Erdrique’s crafting levels were in the mid-90s to high 80s in each of the crafting schools.  So I decided to take some time last weekend and to create some shards and raise some crafting levels.

Whenever I’m questing across my various characters, I tend to dump any ingredients they obtain into the shared deposit box, which has become a really nice feature for me.  This allowed me to pull large ingredients whenever I needed them without having to relog multiple characters.  In the end, I was able to move all of my crafting levels to above 100 in each school.  Now I just need to hit that next milestone, 125 :).

 photo At least level 100 in all levels now_zps8bzgifpv.jpg

Erdrique is now at least level 100 in each crafting school :).

So I’ll be waiting for the next crafting experience weekend and in the meantime I will continue to breakdown items and gather those ingredients :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy crafting!!


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