Pondering Situations in The Graverobber

One of things I like to wonder about is lore and connections between the enemies we encounter in our various quest during our character’s adventuring careers.  This was a while back, but I took Erdrique through the Graverobber and encountered two rare encounters, Willowthorn Lightfoot and Priest Myssyral.  This made me wonder how these two strange entities and how they are associated with each other.

The main premise of the Graverobber is to stop a deranged halfling named Deathshadow (Moonshadow Lightfoot) from stealing corpes and practicing necromancy.  As we make our way through the quest, you have the opportunity to run into the optional encounters I mentioned above.  However, you will always encounter a little party of troglodytes, even if Priest Myssyral (troglodyte cleric, who apparently is their leader) isn’t present.  So why are the troglodytes present in the Lightfoot Residence (dungeon location in House Jorasco)?

 photo Dealing with Willowthorn Lightfoot_zpsfb4dhf0o.jpg

Erdrique encountering Willowthorn Lightfoot in the Graverobber.

First off, I’m thinking that Moonshadow has picked up after where Willowthorn has left off when it comes to practicing necromancy.  I’m guessing that Willowthorn is either Moonshadow’s father or grandfather.  Moonshadow used the limited knowledge he has gained to bring Willowthorn back from the dead in the form of a specter.  I’m thinking that Moonshadow desperately wanted to continue to learn and master his necromantic power and with the help of Willowthorn contacted Priest Myssyral.  Since troglodytes tend to be nightly creatures and have an affinity with staying out of sight and in lurking in places that other people wouldn’t dare enter, they were probably recruited to gather bodies for Moonshadow’s experiments.  I’m sure Moonshadow is either paying the Priest with some type of knowledge or some other rare artifact that the troglodytes find interesting.

 photo Dealing with Priest Myssyral_zpswyseusyf.jpg

Erd battling Priest Myssyral in the Graverobber.

I can’t really think of any other reason why these two entities would be lingering around together in the same quest.  They must be linked in some fashion.  I can easily see Moonshadow manipulating these troglodytes to do his dirty work.  We never do hear of any witnesses seeing the graves being robbed, we just know that bodies are missing.  And I would think that the scent of the graveyard would probably cover up any lingering odors from the troglodytes.

In any case, they do appear to be a team that need to be dealt with.  Good think us adventurers like that type of situation :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in House J!!


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