So What is the Deal With the Mudwallow Ogres?

Awhile back I took a very quick and cursory look at the various clans and tribes of ogres in DDO.  I later then wondered about how close the Runetusk Ogres and Kar-thul ogres were.  However, over this past weekend when I went through the Tharashk Arena (VON 1) with Erdrique (Level 12 Rogue) I realized that there is another clan or tribe of ogres that I neglected to acknowledge, the Mudwallow ogres.  These brute warriors seem to be relegated to the Tharashk Arena.  At least I haven’t noticed them anywhere else.

 photo A Mudwallow Ogre_zpsjtlhgew8.jpg

Erdrique taking on a Mudwallow ogre in the middle of Tharashk Arena.

So actually where do these brute warriors come from?  They appear more like the typical ogres you encounter around Stormreach and its outskirts as opposed to those from Droaam.  This suggests that they are probably some form of a native ogre tribe or clan and they seem intent in only participating in brutal and devastating arena matches.  I wonder how their leader and tribe operates.  They probably have some type of contests to determine which ogres will represent them in this gruesome trade and it is probably an honor to represent the tribe in this fashion.

I wonder how this particular clan is viewed by other ogre clans.  I’m thinking the clan from Grey Moon wouldn’t take to these ogres all that well.  I also wonder how the larger and more well known Runetusk ogres would interact with this clan.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Runetusk ogres work cooperatively with this bunch, then again they might be a little worried about the power Mudwallow ogres can gain if they decide to turn on them.

Some interesting thoughts.  Maybe we will stumble upon these brutes in some explorer area later to be developed.  Who really knows?  The one thing I do know is that these guys can pack quite a hit.  Thanks for reading everybody!!  Now ponder on the Mudwallow ogre :).


3 thoughts on “So What is the Deal With the Mudwallow Ogres?

    • That is a high possibility and wondered about that myself. I believe the kobold’s are a true team (Krusher’s Kobolds!!) but wasn’t quite sure about the Mudwallow ogres.


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