Character Profile-Erdrique Hauksness

One of the things I have been doing on a somewhat regular basis is to profile enemies or monsters.  I started to do this as a way to enhance and add to the information provided in the DDO wiki and to add to the lore around some of these monsters.  On my way to Atlanta last week for that week long workshop, I realized that it might be fun to make some character profiles for own characters as well.  Naturally the first character I would like to profile would be Erdrique, my main character.

Erdrique was actually the second character I created for DDO.  When I first started playing back in the spring of 2006, I was told by my friends that they needed rogue to round out there party so my first character I created was actually Hamllin.  When I was finally able to make my way through the initial tutorial system at the time, I told my friends that a paladin is more of my play style so they told me to create a paladin character instead.  They wanted me to play a character that fit my style and so Erdrique was then created :).  Erdrique’s bio reads as follows:

Erdrique comes from a small village that was known for its quaintness, hospitality, and hard workers. The village sustained its livelihood from farming and the villagers rarely experienced any adventures. Unfortunately that didn’t last and the village was severely ravaged and many of its inhabitants were killed by an unknown warlord who had a mixture of races and creatures in his army. Edrique watched as the majority of village were killed, including the majority of his family. He vowed to learn the ways of a hero and an adventurer to exact justice on those responsible and to stop others from experiencing the same catastrophes.

I have always been a fan of a strong character who comes from a small town who grows to become a legendary hero while working his hardest to defend the weak.  Hence, that is what Erdrique is based around.  He started out as paladin and eventually made his way up to level 20.  When the reincarnation system was first developed, it took me awhile to take Erdrique through that process.  I just wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to take him down that path but I also didn’t like the though of grinding out raids either to progress him (at least through gear).  So I eventually moved forward and took the plunge and started the reincarnation path.  Erdrique has currently completed lives as a paladin, fighter, ranger, cleric, barbarian, druid, and monk.  He is currently working on his rogue life.

 photo Erdrique noting the spider in the distance_zpsoahddjsn.jpg

Erdrique exploring the Red Fens as a rogue.

In terms of weapons, I have always preferred swords and when I first started DDO I remember coming across a khopesh (masterwork khopesh in a Harbor quest) and immediately decided to take the exotic weapon feat to be proficient with it and I have enjoyed that weapon ever since.  While taking Erdrique through his past lives, I have focused primarily on the use of my plethora of khopeshes.  I did this up until I started my monk life, when I focused on handwraps instead and put my blades down.  Currently, Erdrique is a thief-acrobat so this is the second life in a row where he hasn’t used his khopeshes, which is quite strange.  I’m planning for this next life to be bard, which will allow me to take advantage of the khopeshes once again.

Within the game, Erdrique is currently the leader of Crypt Crawlers on the Thelanis Server and he works hard on completing quests with the premise of doing what is right to protect the weak.  He has faith in his fellow guild members and welcomes new people and new challenges.  He does what he can to get the quest complete and works hard on defeating his enemies, although he doesn’t like to leave enemies behind.  He has no problem taking challenges on by himself or with others (whether it through hirelings or by meeting other adventurers).

Overall, Erdrique is my “strongest” character.  I have devoted the most time to him and really enjoy questing with him.  I look forward to working on his other past lives and once I get into the Iconics I will have an interesting time playing him as a different race besides human.  He still has a long way to go but that means I have many opportunities to explore and enjoy the game with him :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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