The Last Stand-A Fun Battle Royal

I find the Red Fens to be a rather interesting area with some fun quests.  The heroic version of the quests in the Red Fens are base level 9, which is what Erdrique (Level 12 Rogue) is currently working on now.  The first quest I always take on when I head out into this area is called The Last Stand.  The quest giver is one of the first NPCs you encounter when you enter the Raveneye Refugee camp named Gullwing.  You learn from Gullwing that one of the more respected Raveneye Elders, Viercha Ettervs, has decided to defend what is left of their village knowing that a full assault from the sahaugin is imminent.  You are asked to protect him during the seige.

The Last Stand is a relatively short and quick quest.  You basically enter the center of the village, where a small band of Raveneye drow are gathered, and repel three rounds of sahaughin forces as then take on the final boss in a final fourth fight.  If Viercha Ettervs gets killed then the quest is unsuccessful and you fail.  Viercha is actually a potent ally, who is a cleric that will randomly heal you and likes to throw various flame strikes all over the place.  In essence, the quest is a version of an all out battle royal where sahuagin and there allies (primarily mud men) come at the the group of small drow from three different directions.  The assault doesn’t begin until you talk to Viercha and tell him you will do what you can to protect him.  The assaulting sahaugin are pretty ruthless and contain a number of casting types as well as some powerful melee types.  The most dangerous of these enemies are the mages and channelers and then the pinkish skinned warriors.

 photo Taking down the sahuagin in the Last Stand_zpsj0jtbpe0.jpg

Erdrique battling in the Last Stand.

One thing I found fun while battling these hordes was the use of my Meteroic Star Ruby on my crafted quarterstaff.  Because of the large number of enemies, the Metoeric Star Ruby was actually going off quite a bit, bring down comets upon the swarm and knocking most of them appropriately on their tails.  In fact, as you can imagine with this swarm behavior, crowd control options are nice to have in this quest.  I also have found that attacks such as cleave and sweeping strikes are nice to have as well.  However, it must also be noted that it is very easy to become overwhelmed in here and if you lose track of Viercha he can go down resulting in a quest failure.

The quest is pretty straightforward, which is nice to have every once in awhile.  However, it can also be quite challenging.  However, having an all out assault/invasion and sometimes be fun when you just want to slay a bunch of enemies (just like Kobold Assault).  I find it fun, but als frustrating at times.  In any case, give it a look when you get a chance or if you are in the mood with just slaying enemy after enemy!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Red Fens.


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