Character Profile-Hamllin Breconnary

My next character profile will be for Hamllin Breconnary.  Hamllin was actually my first character.  Well, at least a version of him anyway.  I had made a Hamllin on Lhazaar when I first installed DDO and booted up the game.  DDO is the first MMO I have played and when I selected a server, I simply selected one without any thought not realizing that my friends, who had got me interested in playing, were actually playing on Tharashk (they neglected to tell that little bit of information).  I quickly learned that they weren’t on Lhazaar but instead on Tharashk so I duplicated him on the Tharashk server and that is the version that I consider to be my first character.  Ironically, I still have the character that I created on Lhazaar who now resides on Ghallanda.

Hamllin started out as a rogue, as I was told that was what was needed to round out our group way back in 2006.  I took me a little while to warm to Hammy.  I’ve always been more interested in knights, shiny steel armor, and swinging wicked swords and was never to interested in being stealthy, tricky, and attacking from behind.  That was why I rolled up Erdrique.  However, after a little while I grew into Hamllin and enjoyed playing him and enjoyed playing the game as a rogue.

Hamllin biography is the following:

Hamllin has definitely had a difficult life. Orphaned as a child, he had to develop the skills, personality, and methods for surviving on his own. As a result, he turned to a life of stealing, sneaking, and being a mercenary. He developed and honed his skills and became known as a superior rogue. He later advanced his skills and learned about the deadly arts of assassination. However, he has decided that he won’t use his skills to do unjust harm but will only advance the movement of a worthy cause.

In some aspects I need to update his biography to reflect this current career as a fighter.  In either case, his background is dramatically different than Erdrique’s.  Where Erd grew up in a small village and lived a happy and simple life until his village was raided later in life, Hamllin was thrown into the dangers of the world much earlier.  Having been orphaned as a young child, he developed his roguish skills as a necessity to survive.  He eventually became quite an assassin but decided he would only use skills for dealing out justice against the wicked.

 photo A Darkfang hunter pounding on Hamllin_zpstapgzv8d.jpg

Hamllin was once a rogue but is now a fighter and looks forward to dealing with danger head on.

Hamllin advanced to level 20 and when Menace of the Underdark was released I took him through all of those quests except for Caught in the Web.  At that time, the only character I had been moving through the reincarnation train was Erdrique.  I decided to work on another character and wound up taking Hamllin through his first heroic true reincarnation and he is now currently a level 16 Fighter.  I consider Hamllin to be my “backup main” character and I play him quite often, although not nearly as often Erdrique.  Hamllin also is far behind Erdrique in gear but he has more items than many of my other characters.

We’ll see where Hamllin goes.  I like his two weapon play style with him using rapiers and shortswords.  As a Kensai Fighter, he is currently getting critical hits all over the place.  Eventually I will take Hamllin back to a rogue, but until then I’m having fun with him running into the midst of battle and swinging away as opposed to sneaking around and taking out his enemies one by one.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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