Some Epic Battling with Drow in The King’s Forest

Ironically, one of my highest level characters is probably one of my weakest characters, Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister).  I say that because Rimuldar is definitely under geared and can really use an overall on his equipment.  I also say Rimuldar is one of my weaker characters because I’m not the most talented when it comes to playing casting characters, my this more of a limitation on my end as a player as opposed to a limitation of Rimuldar.  However, he I do have fun playing him and this week he was on my regular playing schedule.  Rimuldar is currently working through the quests for the Menace of the Underdark: The Darkening story arc.

Rimuldar had already completed Impossible Demands and the last time I played him I had a hard time finding the second quest, The Unquiet Graves, in the King’s Forest.  I eventually learned where the quest entrance was for The Unquiet Graces and during this next playing session I started to make my way out there.  I was also lucky to see that Helldemons was on and he had time to join me with his epic level character, Hellsbain.  Hellsbain was much more familiar with the quest and the area, which turned out to be a big help (and much appreciated!!).  I had been running quests with Rimuldar on epic normal because of his gearing and because of my lack luster play as a caster.  However, Hellsbain convinced me to enter on epic hard instead.

I have only played through the Unquiet Graves a few times and it has been quite a long time since I have been in there since.  I did know that this particular quest was centered around destroying drow necromancers but I had forgotten completely how the little village was laid out and what else to expect.  Needless to say, as we made our way through the quest, I encountered a few things I wasn’t quite expecting and found Rimuldar reduced to a soul stone two of three times, lol.  However, I was able to get revived from our hirelings and we were able to complete the quest on epic hard.

 photo Time to loot_zpsd5t4lnu8.jpg

Rimuldar enjoying the spoils of his battles in The Unquiet Graves, after he took a beating.

We then cashed in our rewards and forwarded the story arc to the next quest, The Lost Thread.  Now I had no idea where the quest entrance was but Hellsbain was able to teleport to the Eveningstar Camp in the King’s Forest and to make his way to the quest so I was able to make a path to him from the beginning taking out the drow and forest wanderers along the way.  Again, we entered the quest on epic hard.  I remembered from the few times I completed this quest about freeing the slaves from their collars and did my best to avoid using area of affect spells on them.  I also remembered moving through a maze type dungeon and I was lucky Hellsbain was with me because he was able to remember how to activate the levers and to disable those dang spell wards which probably would have reduced me to a soul stone once again.  I was doing pretty good with Rimuldar while we were making our way through the quest but I did get obliterated once near the end but was still able to get revived from my hireling.

The biggest issues I had in each of these quests was the archers as well as dealing with my targeting with Rimuldar.  I had into a few instances where I was told “You are not facing…” which is annoying to see when you are getting pelted.  Overall though, I was pleasantly surprised by Rim’s output.  Once I get his gear better situated I will feel more comfortable running harder content.  But until then, Rimuldar will probably stay with his current questing plan unless he is grouped with some capable allies.  It was also good to see these quests again.  My cleric, Wapoyei (Level 24 Divine Crusader), will be working on these same quests soon.  We’ll see how he fares as I’m more comfortable playing him as opposed to Rimuldar.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in Eveningstar!!


One thought on “Some Epic Battling with Drow in The King’s Forest

  1. I would recommend doing your gearing and testing said gear solo – or as solo as you can. Capable party members can gloss over some “gearholes” which become VERY important in Epic content.


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