Those Annoying Monsters!!

I currently have a couple of characters making their way through the Ruins of Threnal and as I make my way through those quests I’m also reminded about the monsters I find to be some of the most annoying in game.  The monsters I’m primarily thinking of are slimes (puddings, oozes, slimes, jellies) and rust monsters.  Now in other quests these monsters aren’t all that problematic.  Sure, you need to switch to Everbright weapons or to a Muckbane when you encounter them in those other quests but in Threnal they have an entirely different distribution.  It never fails that you will encounter these annoying critters with other, more dangerous monsters.  Threnal is known for the variety of monsters you encounter but when you are fighting flesh renders, fire reaves, dark fang spiders, mephits, gargoyles, and earth elementals with rust monsters and slimes mixed in during the same encounter, it gets frustrating real quick.

 photo Pudding are a pain_zps4bnhrfhn.jpg

Tuhnn preparing to deal with the puddings and the mephits in Threnal.

The frustration lies in the annoyance of being forced to use those Everbright weapons or Muckbanes until the rust monsters and/or slimes are defeated because if you don’t it is most likely your primary weapon will be no more than mush by the time the encounter is over.  Nothing is worse that being forced to use a different weapon because it was broken from attacking slimes and rust monsters.

The are other annoying monsters in the game as well.  Another one that come to mind are bats.  Whenever I encounter these critters it never fails that I will be chasing one around trying to “hit” the floppy flying thing and will eventually get lucky to land a blow to kill it (I’m talking with melee weapons here).  Going back to the mephits, having to deal with dust and air mephits can be extremely annoying, especially with their ability to summon dust clouds and obscuring mist, and let’s not forget the ability for mephits to summon more mephits to their aid.  I have run into a few mephit fights that I thought were ever going to end.

I could probably name off a few others but these monsters are just fresh on my mind at the moment.  Whenever I encounter them, I just cringe.  LOL, oh well I guess that is part of the fun :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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