A First with Screenshot Collecting

One of things I like to do while questing in DDO and Neverwinter Nights II is to take screenshots of my various quest runs.  For those of you that I have read my Monday and Friday blog posts, which detail my quest runs for the weekend and the week, you can get that impression.  I like to take numerous screenshots to help document my various quest runs and to help illustrate things for later on for topics I would to blog about.  I have thousands of screenshots, many of which are uploaded to a Crypt Crawler photobucket website (which is actually starting to get a little full).  In any case, I was running Erdrique (Level 13 Rogue) last night and took him through a variety of quest runs including a run through a Cannith Challenge, knocking out Threnal East and South, and then taking a romp through the Smuggler’s Rest and The Crystal Cove.

While I as doing this, I taking a variety of screenshots.  While I was in Threnal I was taking a few screenshot highlighting the great tripping ability of the attack Sweeping Strikes as I was knocking spiders and golems flat onto the ground.  However, I decided to check my folder where the screenshots are saved because I realized I wasn’t experience the slight delay when I usually take a screenshot.  And then with disappointment I realized that my screenshots weren’t being taken from the time I started the second quest in Threnal East.

 photo Hamllin making his way throug the streams of the Red Fens_zpskdjnq0bu.jpg

This particular screenshot seemed to have a “ghost” in my screenshot folder causing me problems…:(.

I did a number of things to figure out why the screenshots weren’t being recorded.  I went into my options menu and reset my key bindings to see if that would help.  It did not :(.  I then logged out and closed the launcher and then rebooted the launcher and tried to take more screenshots.  That didn’t work :(.  I then switched characters and tried to take a screenshot and that didn’t work :(.  I then logged into my premium account and that didn’t work either :(.  I then took another look at my folder where the screenshots where saved and noticed that a screenshot that I know I moved out of the folder was still appearing.  I then restarted my computer and opened my folder and found this remnant file gone.  I then opened up DDO and I was able to take screenshots again!!

I’m not sure what happened.  I’m disappointed that I lost all of those screenshots but at least it appears I can collect them once again.  You have to love computers….

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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