Character Profile-Garrrin Tantegal

Looking at the rest of my characters that I currently have, I would have to say that behind Erdrique (Level 13 Rogue) and Hamllin (Level 16 Rogue) my next favorite characters would have to be Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) and Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion).  I probably favor Kolll a little more than Garrrin but not by much.  Garrrin is perhaps one of my “toughest” characters.  He is a classic dwarven barbarian.  His bio reads as follows:

Garrrin is a ferocious and tenacious combatant. He has a great affinity for great axes and wields them with great strength. Garrrin is a fierce dwarven barbarian and is more than willing to head into a mass of enemies swinging his greataxes in a wide arc taking out as many enemies as he can. He has great strength and enjoys nothing more than being in combat. He enjoys the thrill of combat and feels fulfilled when his battle prowess helps to disrupt those with evil intentions.

This particular bio is a landed bland now that I think about.  It doesn’t explain any of Garrrin’s background, just his innate love for battling enemies.  I always pictured Garrrin as coming from a clan of mountain dwelling dwarves known for their prowess in battle.  I always figured Garrrin’s family was known to be some of the toughest members of this clan’s forces and the is determined to keep up that tradition.  As a mark passage, members of his clan strike out into the open world occasionally to learn more about what is occurring outside of their mountain, to gain experience in fighting a wide range of enemies, and to eventually return to the clan as an extremely experienced and well rounded warrior.  Not to mention to also spread the ability of his clan, always need to taut the toughness of the dwarves!!

 photo Garrrin hunting in the Kings Forest_zpsgzhqtruz.jpg

Garrrin making his way through the King’s Forest.

Garrrin has an affinity for perhaps one of the more iconic dwarven weapons, greataxes.  His backpack is full of various types of greataxes for various situations.  He has taken every possible enhancement to increase his axe damage.  He also enjoys wading into the middle of a crowd of enemies and to swing away, primarily with cleave.  Overall, he enjoys the thrill of battle and sometimes will get into a situation that might be a little more overhead that he can handle.

I enjoy playing Garrrin.  As a barbarian, his attack sequence is relatively simple.  I tend to got into barbarian rage, then I tend to hit Frenzy and Death Frenzy, then I tend to cycle through my various attacks.  Garrrin has quite a wide variety of attacks ranging from cleave, supreme cleave, exhausting blow, cracking attack, tantrum, stunning blow, and ear smash, and adrenaline.  Although I usually hold off on adrenaline until I get to a boss fight.

With the recent barbarian pass, I have found playing Garrrin even more enjoyable.  His healing abilities is now quite substantial which is really nice.  For a while, I used to cringe when I would seal the cleric hirelings constantly healing Garrrin and now this is far less an occurrence.

Overall, Garrrin’s brusqueness and impatience do make him fun to play but also tends to get him into trouble.  This makes him a fun character to play, of course 🙂 !!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in DDO!!


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