Have a Kobold for A Team Member is Fun!!

I just took my low level half orc barbarian (Level 8) Berann through the Sharn Syndicate series.  One of the quests in this low level chain of quests is called Come Out and Slay.  Come Out and Slay is actually the last quest in the chain and it involves you moving through a mansion to take out the leader of the Sharn Syndicate.  Well, it happens that at this time the leader of the Sharn Syndicate is trying to recruit the other gangs of Stormreach into his ring and is hosting a meeting with their representatives.  The kobolds from Clan Gnasthooth are one of the gangs represented (don’t know where Clan Tunnelworm was).  One of the optionals in this quest is to convince one of these gang emissaries to betray the Sharn Syndicate and work for you.  Whenever I happen into this quest, I always recruit the Clan Gnashtooth emissary, Witch Doctor Korba.

 photo Convincing Witch Doctor Korba to our side_zpswa3hszts.jpg

Berann convincing Witch Doctor Korba to work for him and not the Sharn Syndicate.

One of the reasons why I always recruit Witch Doctor Korba is because he is one heck of a low level caster.  He likes to spit lightning bolts at the Sharn Syndicate troops and loves to cast down a few ice storms.  It is ejoyable to watch him hop around and spam his spells and it feels good that you aren’t one trying to chase him down.  I know for me, I get the feeling that is about time somebody else chase down those amazing leaping kobold casters for a chance.  It is also fun to see the Sharn Syndicate troops fall down in the masses around you as you battle your way through them.  In then end, Korba is a interesting ally who tends to attract a lot of attention which keeps the enemies away from you.  Although I do get frustrated when he doesn’t follow you up through the roofs as you near the end of the quest because you know he can get up there.  Oh well, you can’t win them all.

If you ever try to hit up Sharn Syndicate series, think about enlisting Korba on your side.  Unless of course you need to collect him as part of your monster manual deeds.  In that case, take him out before he hops away and makes your life annoying, lol.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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