The Best Thief Acrobat Ability-Sweeping Strikes

My main character, Erdrique, is currently on the heroic true reincarnation train and his current life is that of a Thief Acrobat Rogue.  Erdrique is currently level 13 and is rapidly approaching level 14.  This is the first time I have tried to play any type of quarterstaff build (I’m not including my casters who will equip quarterstaves) and so far I have found the experience quite fun 🙂 !!  The Thief Acrobat line makes using a quarterstaff as a melee weapon extremely effective.  The best ability in this tree, in my humble opinion, is the enhancement called Sweeping Strikes.  Sweeping Strikes is a tier three enhancement with three levels.  It is essentially a wide circling cleave attack that trips all enemies that are within in striking distance of your character.  The difficulty check for the trip effect is balance DC 10+Half Rogue Level+Dexterity modifier.  I have found this ability to be extremely effective on a wide variety of enemies.

For instance, I was running through the Ruins of Threnal recently and I was able to activate Sweeping Strikes to trip spiders, clay golems, and tharaak hounds with ease.  I had similar success with the rust monsters and duergar in the quest Reclamation.  If you have a high dexterity score and have a good number of rogue levels, Sweeping Strikes can be a pretty effective crowd control measure while also dealing out a nice round of damage (+1/+2/+3 W per tier).  Although many of these many legged monsters can get back up relatively quickly, you still get enough time to lay down quite a bit of hurt before they can attack you again.

 photo Hitting Scour with Sweeping Strikes_zpspvjfrhav.jpg

Tripping up some rust monsters in the Reclamation by using Sweeping Strikes.

The animation of Sweeping Strikes is also pretty slick to see as your characters spins around let’s their quarterstaff fly to knock down the foes within his range.

 photo Knocking down the enemies_zpstdedlice.jpg

Erdrique knocking the legs out from under some duergar in Reclamation with Sweeping Strikes.

Although I haven’t trained in all of the Thief Acrobat abilities quite yet, I don’t see any of the rest being any better than Sweeping Strikes.  If you are planning on a quarterstaff build, make sure you consider taking this enhancement.  You won’t be disappointed!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


4 thoughts on “The Best Thief Acrobat Ability-Sweeping Strikes

  1. As a “heavy hitter”, I get annoyed at being tripped and just lying on my back as things continue to take swings at me. I just wish we got to see the monsters’ annoyance when the same thing happens to them! XD I will keep this in mind for for the future!


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