Being Thankful for the Major Slayer Potions

One of the things I try to do with my characters is to move them through the various slayer/wilderness zones as I level them up.  I sometimes will “out level” the areas but I still tend to work my hardest to get everything completed and discovered (in terms of rares encounters and explorer points) in each one, including all of the slayer counts.  When I run with Erdrique, I tend to make a quick run in many wilderness instances before I start working on actual quests whenever I can.  In many cases I find that Erdrique can get mostly through Sands of Menechtarun and the Ruins of Gianthold before I hit the point of entering a new true reincarnation.  Right now Erdrique is currently working through the Red Fens, which has an extremely high slayer count for a lower level wilderness area, 7,500.  It is during this situation that I have found Major Slayer Potions to be extremely useful.

 photo Using a Slayer Potion_zps511biqws.jpg

The Major Slayer Potion give you a nice boost to collecting slayers in wilderness areas.

The Major Slayer Potion is the most powerful slayer boost you can get and can be purchased through the DDO Store, won from daily dice rolls, and are sometimes awards from special events.  It will give you a 200% bonus to your slayer counts, essentially giving you three slayers for each one monster you kill in a wilderness area.  On top of that, the Major Slayer potion also will pause when you aren’t in an wilderness/explorer zone which is really nice.  I generally don’t use a slayer potion until I reach the Red Fens, primarily because of its largest tier.  The use of the slayer boost in this zone makes collecting those slayer marks much easier and the experience you can get from reaching the 3,000, 5,000, and 7,500 mark can be quite substantial, even if you are over level.

 photo Collecting that bonus_zps4q4lxf8q.jpg

Erdrique collecting some slayers in the Red Fens with a Major Slayer Potion boost.

In any case, I have found Major Slayer potions to be extremely useful.  I enjoy when I get them from daily rice rolls.  The stack I’m  working on right now were from the first DDO anniversary card event.  Needless to say I have definitely been putting them to good use.  Now, time to go kill some more sahuagin :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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